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Orbital grouping GLONASS realities and perspectiveo the real state and prospects of the system “Gonets”, “Ray” and GLONASS, and a new project of Arctic communication systems “SKIF” said General Director of “ISS” Nicholas A. Testoedov…


Status of the GLONASS orbital grouping is the amazing

Author – Nicholas Testoedov

Roscosmos will buy from “Information satellite systems” (ISS) named after academician M. F. Reshetnev shares of the company “the Messenger”, which is the operator of the eponymous satellite system. Also, the Corporation can order from ISS, two additional satellites for the system relaying “Ray.” At the same time, replenishment of the Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS, which also consists of the spacecraft, the production of ASCS, yet are not required – they work, despite exceeding all the warranty period.

About the prospects of the system “Gonets”, “Ray” and GLONASS, and a new project of Arctic communication systems “SKIF” in an interview with TASS said the General Director of “ISS” Nickolay Testoyedov. [/cite

– Recently announced information that began to study the shape of the Federal program GLONASS for the next decade . You, as the only manufacturer of navigation devices in Russia, can you tell me how the system should look like in the period 2020-2030?

– In order to understand how to develop GLONASS, you need to look at foreign navigation systems, primarily GPS. They made more and more perfect machines, more high-precision on-Board clock, put additional instruments, developing versatility. In Russia, the modernization of GLONASS, but when you have already deployed satellites, you will not be able to replace them all at one time, you’ll just be all the time to complement and to develop the evolutionary group. “GLONASS-M” was four of the frequency signal now has a code signal to the next apparatus, the number of code signals will increase. The group will be to develop an evolutionary from a “GLONASS-M” “GLONASS-K1” “GLONASS-K2”.

– What’s new will appear on the devices, which will replace the “GLONASS-K2”?

– There may be new functions, such as adaptation of the signals to interference, the increase of multifunctionality of the satellites.

– Deposited with the company is seven devices “GLONASS-M”. At what time they are launched?

The answer to this question is the same: according to operational need. Recently, we have extended the storage resource of one of the machines, so maybe in the end of the year we will make at least one run. The remaining devices will be stored prior to failure of the existing satellite constellation.

– How do you assess the current state of the group?

– The state of the orbital group can be called amazing. Of the 27 devices 14 work beyond the active lifetime, thus confirming its inherent service life of seven years. Some satellites continue to run for more than 10 years. So, one of the satellites was launched in 2005 and three in 2006.

More of your spacecraft is scheduled to launch in 2017?

– We have from last year is ready three “Messengers”, waiting for a missile to start this year. We test the “geo-IK-2” with the timing of its production in the third quarter and start of the fourth quarter of this year. The planned launch of a satellite relay in the interests of the defense Ministry. We have a total of 11 satellites is now kept on the ground: three “Messenger“, “Lybid” and seven “GLONASS-M“. In the process of manufacture is nine “GLONASS-K1“, six satellites “the Messenger“, is preparing to Contracting a further three similar devices, as well as other satellites from various agencies and ministries. Together at different stages starting from the signing of the contract and prior to start-up the enterprise in the production is of the order of 60 satellites.

– Recently ISS in the delegation of Roscosmos participated in air show in Brazil. What are the results of the trip? Were you able to agree on joint projects?

– During the visit to Brazil, we visited three sites. It is, in fact, the exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, where together with Rosoboronexport we have held talks with representatives of the Ministry of defense of Brazil about the opportunities our participation in the development of a Brazilian orbital grouping. Following the meeting, we agreed that the may meeting of the joint Russian-Brazilian working group will formulate their proposals, and Brazilian colleagues – your needs in the communications bands. The second site opening in Brazil stations for monitoring space objects, including space debris. The night before the official surrender of the station was recorded 353 object. The third site – visit of our delegation of the Institute of Aeronautics in Sao Paulo. The Institute in 1993, the production of small satellites. For us small satellite the day before yesterday, but nevertheless we have identified a mutual interest.

– The return of the delegation of the Russian space Agency of Brazil, held a meeting of the Supervisory Board of state Corporation. It was decided to purchase from your company 80% of the “Messenger”. When will closed the deal and how much is it?

– Indeed, today, 80% of the company “the Messenger” – the operator of satellite system “Gonets” system relay “Ray” – belongs to our company. Both created at the request and at the expense of the Russian Federal space Agency. Even at the time of formation of the Corporation we have come to believe that the operator of satellite communication systems should belong directly to her, not the enterprise industry. Today, there is a procedure of redemption of shares and transfer of the enterprise to Roscosmos. I think it will end in the next month and a half. The amount of the transaction, you are better to check the Russian space Agency.

– In your opinion, how will change under the leadership of Roscosmos activity of the company “the Messenger”?

– I think any change will happen. At the time, when there was a reorganization of the company and change top management, “the Messenger” started introducing yourself as the company operator, which is responsible for seeking clients and providing them with communication services. Initially, decisions were made that today are at the forefront of the world’s technology ahead of or foreign. Take, for example, the terminal system “Messenger” – it has no keyboard. How to work with it? It’s very simple: using a smartphone or any other gadget that supports Wi-Fi. In a small box placed chip “the Messenger” and GLONASS and Wi-Fi. This compact and mobile device which provides the tasks for different groups of users. In this format, I believe, as the operator of “Ray” and “Messenger” company “Messenger” must be maintained.

In April a competition for the appearance of the new device to the system “Messenger”, he was held?

– The competition is not the company “the Messenger” and not the ISS and the Russian space Agency. Now completed the research work, the identified new frequency bands, the characteristics of the device of the new generation. Expected to shift to unpressurized satellite platform, the use of triaxial orientation, S-band frequency range with great potential for commercialization than current ranges. We now await the announcement of the competition for the preliminary design, followed by development works.

Orbital grouping of spacecraft “Messenger” is currently in beta testing and when it will be put into regular operation?

– Flight tests of spacecraft systems “the Messenger” has long been successfully completed. When we hand over the system, in addition to the orbital grouping includes launch vehicles, ground control etc. as soon As the conclusion, all the constituent parts of the complex, we will be able to take the whole system into operation. Unfortunately, this situation is not only the “Messenger”, but also GLONASS, the system of “Luch” when we’ve completed the testing of the actual spacecraft, but waiting to catch up the rear in view of the readiness of launch vehicles, ground systems.

Machines system “Beam” for many years in orbit, but only recently began to be used for transmission of telemetric information from missile and space technology, and to work with the ISS is still not involved – why?

– There is a paradox, no offense to our colleagues to be said, in any space system, as I said, includes the launch vehicle, launch site, ground control, equipment etc. made Missiles for a long time, launch facility also operated for a long time, the ground control too, but in normal operation it seems to the entire complex. We sputnikhalle, making the most difficult job and make a new spacecraft to be ahead. Now that the system is “Laser”, including the satellites “Luch-5A“, “Luch-5B” and “Luch-5V“, is in pilot operation. However, Roscosmos is preparing a decision to spend this year’s competition and Supplement group two spacecraft series “Ray-5B“to support the group and take claimed Russia’s fourth point of standing.

The ISS is planned to install equipment that will allow you to transfer to the Ground a large amount of video and other information. At the same time being prepared for development work on the “Beam-5M“. Work will begin under the Federal space program closer to 2025, with the transition to the implementation of the program for the next period. With regard to the application of the system “Beam”, today via relay satellites is transmitted telemetric information during the launches of cargo and manned spacecraft. This year the ISS is planned to install equipment in the Ku-band, which will, in addition to the telemetry transfer to the Ground a large amount of video and other information.

– What is the point of standing will go two new devices?

– We have busy points around 16 degrees West longitude and 95 degrees East and 165 degrees East longitude, and there is another unoccupied point, but claimed in Russia, – over America. The customer will decide to overtake there or one of the existing machines, or to run at this point the new device.

– Recently, experts of your company involved in the design of the system “SKIF” – a new low-orbit communications system. This kind of “Arctic” “the Messenger”?

– No, if the analogy, the more likely the project O3b (satellite telecommunication system with apparatus for the production of “tales of Alenia space“. – Approx. TASS). If O3b has deployed its forces on the orbit altitude of 8 thousand km in the Equatorial plane, while the coverage area of the satellites captures the band from 45 degrees North latitude to 45 degrees South latitude. Moscow is located at latitude 53 degrees, and here comes the signal O3b. For the inhabitant, suppose, of Moscow, this group is meaningless, because our capital is located at latitude 53 degrees and here comes the signal O3b. In this regard, we company “ZOND-holding” worked for the idea of establishing a similar system, but the satellites must be located not in the Equatorial plane and on inclined orbits as in the “Messenger” and GLONASS. For global coverage with only two planes. For the maintenance of the territory of Russia enough and the same plane with five to eight satellites. This system is called “SKIF“. Now the company “ZOND-holding” is looking for operators, which could become the primary growth point for the project.

– This project will be offered for implementation within the current or already of a future Federal space program?

– The Federal space program until 2025, because of a system nobody will adjust, so today our project partner is in search of commercial and government customers. In case you are interested in the capabilities of law enforcement agencies or government agencies it may be introduced in the Federal space program during the adjustment.

– So you have raised the company “the Messenger”, now start a new startup?

– Yes, the “Messenger” was originally organized with our participation. We have when creating it was a third of the shares of the company. Accordingly, we similarly consider the project “SKIF” as a startup.

– Another Arctic system research work “Ellipse” on the elaboration of the highly elliptical shape of a segment of GLONASS. At what stage is this program?

– On this subject under the leadership of TsNIIMash under the Federal target program (FTP) GLONASS was held the scientific-research work, which deals with the possibility of adding GLONASS satellites in highly elliptical orbit. It must be the satellites, creating additional local navigation field over the Northern hemisphere, and also has different functional extensions: equipment COSPAS-SARSAT functions of communication. The finished look of this system yet. In the fall of 2017 will be protected by the addition to the conceptual design that will highlight the capabilities of this system.

– Whether the introduction of the current Federal targeted programme GLONASS until 2020, continuation of works on the theme of “Ellipse” as development work?

– Sure, maybe. The Federal program GLONASS is a living organism, which is about every two years and adjustments are then made, and such works are always considered.

– That the market, which exists in Russia, your company enough or you may need to enter new markets?

– Is not enough. In the world today, the possibilities of production to outstrip supply. There is stiff competition. There is an optimization of the cost of the devices, conditions of the transaction. If we had come with a proposal of what we can, then began to offer those satellites that need to the customer, now we offer the manufacturing apparatus turnkey – we provide the manufacture, launch, flight tests in orbit. Now we go further and are looking for customer funding opportunities for project insurance.

– That is, soon you’ll just take the satellites in leasing to the operators?

– The next step is system integration, when you do satellite, and the operator buys it and operates. All this goes to.

Interviewed By Dmitry Strugovets




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