Optimeal – feed super premium


In Ukraine the Swiss technology under the trademark Optimeal is available high quality pet food super premium for cats and dogs. He makes a worthy competition to foreign products in this price range, and is much cheaper.

Requirements to feed a super-premium

Classification of feed is carried out in accordance with unwritten rules. Feed super premium needs to meet certain requirements.

1. Highly detailed composition with percentage contents of the components.
2. The high protein content, the main source of which is the finest meat of different varieties, fish. The best feed along with dry (digidrirovanny) meat is used fresh.
3. Compliance with calorie, nutritional value of the age and individual needs.
4. The obligatory presence of functional additives to maintain the health of various organs and systems.
5. Functional division according to different criteria – age, breed, health, activity level.
6. The presence of preventive, betternow feed.
7. The lack of synthetic additives.

The composition and range of feeds Optimeal

Each package feeds Optimeal can be found in detail the qualitative and quantitative composition (list of ingredients and % of content).

Optimeal applies technology add boneless fresh meat in the form of meat (Fresh Meat Technology). Also in the composition of the different diets included digidratirovannogo poultry, meat, Turkey, duck, chicken, lamb, calf, rabbit, salmon in a dry and fresh. Feed high-calorie, rich in essential for dogs and cats to animal protein.


In addition to the basic ingredients, source of protein, fat, foods contain a rich set of vegetables, berries, medicinal herbs, functional additives:

● Immunity Support Mix – complex purified beta-glucan (a powerful immunostimulant), Actigen prebiotic and a natural antioxidant based on rosemary to support the body’s defenses;
● omega 3+6, zinc and Biotin for the health and beauty of skin, hair;
● in animal feed for large animal chondroitin and glucosamine to protect joints.


All rations are tested by veterinary specialists. About Optimeal pet food for cats reviews vets approval, it is noted that he likes animals, improves the condition of skin and coat, digestive tract beneficial. Produced under the brand Optimeal dog food reviews vets also recommended as a primary food, helps to maintain a good level of activity, prevents health problems. For animals with special needs developed special diets.


* for sensitive digestion with lamb, rice;
● with effect removing hairballs (content of crude fibre 5,5%);
● sterilized, castrated animals with optimum health of the urinary system balance of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, low calorie, fat burner L-carnitine.

Dogs – hypoallergenic with salmon. Range of Privilege is addressed to dogs of small and miniature breeds. Among food for cats and dogs is Bessarabia.

Optimeal – the choice of caring owners

Optimeal – feed super-premium category with an excellent ratio of quality and price. About feed Optimeal for cats and Optimeal for dogs reviews approving, and among the people who buy them for their Pets, many veterinary experts to appreciate a rich balanced composition.


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