One of the Chinese manufacturers of smartphones on the brink of ruin: details

The Chinese company Smartisan was on the verge of ruin, despite its productive and interesting smartphones. Smartisan R1 after the presentation was regularly shown incredible results in testing AnTuTu, but even he did not attract users.

As reported Gizchina, Smartisan has attracted attention in 2018, when introduced the world’s first smartphone with a 1 TB flash memory.

What is known about the world’s first smartphone with a 1 TB built-in memory? They became Smartisan R1, built on the flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and its the most expensive modification (with integrated storage UFS 2.1 to 1 TB and 8 GB RAM) appreciated almost $ 1,400 (about UAH 37800).

The model presented in may, nearly a year before the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, which is also credited with a version with such a capacity of the flash module.

A review of Smartisan R1 – watch the video

What’s the problem of the company? However, neither this nor other smartphone Smartisan not gained popularity among consumers. In the end, for four years, the company was able to realize only 3 million units and still not got wages for December. Assets frozen at the request of the suppliers with whom Smartisan also not paid.

In addition, there is evidence that some of its intellectual property rights and employees have already moved to ByteDance – the owners of the social network TikTok.

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