On the river Houston dismantled the famous bridge Tappan-Zee

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The result is a controlled explosion destroyed a large portion of the old bridge Tappan-Zee on the Hudson river. Hundreds of eyewitnesses remained under the strong impression from the dismantling of the bridge structure.

The Eastern pillar of the old bridge fell into the river after the point of detonation, the bulk of the wreckage held the chains above the water surface. All the remains razreshennogo bridge will save and recycle.

Designers was postponed several times, the dismantling of the Tappan-Zee because of the strong wind. Finally, it occurred to the cries of hundreds of spectators: “Blow!” Despite the cold, people came to look at the explosion of the old bridge and remove the event on the phone.

The old bridge has been replaced by a bridge named after Governor Mario M. Cuomo (Mario M. Cuomo), it provides traffic on highway 87 between the counties of Westchester and Rockland, about 30 miles North of the city. The original plan envisaged that the cranes will dismantle the bridge in pieces, and the remains taken to the barge, but later decided to hold a point explosion.