On the moon for the first time in the history of the sprouted plant

“Chanje-4” is named after a character in Chinese mythology who is revered in Taoism in Taoism as the goddess of the moon. The mass of the Rover is 140 kg and the dimensions are one metre by one metre. The device was launched on 7 December last year, December 12 was released on an elliptical orbit around the moon, and on 3 January 2019 has successfully completed a moon landing in the crater the background of the Pocket near the South pole of the satellite at 5:26 Moscow time. Just an hour after landing he was sent to Earth the first photographs of the lunar surface, and after a week to a wide audience was shown a panoramic picture of the moon and the video of the landing of a Chinese Rover on the surface of the satellite.

Chinese probe was the first landing on the side of the moon ( also called the “dark side”, although strictly speaking this is wrong – the sun’s rays from time to time fall on it). This allowed the spacecraft for the first time to capture “close up” part of the satellite to see it from Earth is impossible. A biological experiment, however, the site has no direct relationship.

Cotton sprouted inside a sealed container with a nutrient medium . Also, along with the spacecraft on the moon was sent potato seeds, and canola rezhevichi tal, eggs, fruit flies and yeast. Over the course of the experiment called Lunar Micro Ecosystem (“microscopic ecosystem of the moon) can be observed with established with this aim the camcorder.

The mission of the spacecraft is planned for three months. While on the Ground he will not come back when you are finished, the probe will remain on the moon. This assumes that the following research spacecraft, which China will send to the moon must bring out the soil samples.

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