Olympics 2018: You, the weather service, the start of us nagadi!

Tuesday. Pyeongchang-gun. Ivan KOVBASIUK. Photo: noc-ukr.org

Better late than never. As if invented for the competitions skiers on the slopes of Pyeongchang.

Wits sometimes correct later, than not there. And that is if the result is poor. Both have to explain, and we are ready.

So, confirmed on Sunday the men’s downhill (as a species) had to be postponed to February 15. Plus, Monday’s giant slalom, women have also deferred. Blame not the cold, as merciless winds in Korean. But the risk at that kind of distance health of athletes, from the point of view of the IOC and FIS, as others and myself more. Involuntarily recalled “the Song of polar pilots” of the famous bard Alexander Gorodnitsky. There are these words: “out of longing to chase you, drunk jar. You weather service us happiness nagadi!”.

Foretold by nightfall on Tuesday. And 65 brave souls took to the start of the first discipline in the combination – descent. German Thomas Dressen tamed the track the fastest. The same for him winning the world Cup in Kitzbuhel. According to the regulations, the leading thirty then begins the special slalom in reverse order. That is, Thomas walked, knowing the time of the competition. But the so-called pure spuskovymi not always achieve the maximum in technical types (as well as Vice versa!). Range of running it – the 9th place. And certainly not smiled slalom distance Ivan Kovbasiuk. The guy from Rakhiv district of Zakarpattia was at the end of the descent 57. it is Difficult to say, would improve the rate by amount, but to complete our slalom skier failed.

As for the favorites of the Alpine combination, the 28-year-old Austrian Marcel Hirscher went to her first career Olympic gold, definitely not boring (to behold it turns a pleasure!), but a long time! No joke, two of the former “giants” Vancouver and Sochi is stopped in a step from a pedestal. At 120 Cup podiums, including 55 single-piece victories, and six overall – really weird. Well, again, for the Olympics 2014, a native of Salzburg complements the aforementioned fourth place silver in the slalom. In Pyeongchang with dignity, with the seventh time, coped with the descent, what happened next you know…

Yes, still a cool nuance. During the second official training on the descent, Herr Hirscher was only 1 (in words – one) the line ahead Kovbasiuk. All of these details to the correspondent “SE” has prompted media always aware, the Secretary-General FLSA Julia Sidarenko. In any case – the participant of two winter Olympics in Alpine skiing. In her view, the other two medalist from France look not that sensational, but together, not usually. In 0,23 seconds of Hirscher stopped the bronze medalist of the Sochi coinage Alexis Pinturo (where he distinguished himself in his crown the giant slalom, which confirms the commitment and bronze world Cup 2015).

By the way, in the minutes of descent, he was listed a little higher of a future champion – fifth. Rounded out a trio of winners compatriot Alexis – Victor Mufa-Ganda, which unites with the Vice-champion and still a small country – a historical region of Savoy. Practically, they grew up at the foot of the French Alps. Winter-2018 Monsieur Victor may well be considered lucky. It is on the January phase in the Swiss village of Wengen he won his first victory in the format of the world Cup. Tellingly – in the Alpine combination.

And that’s what I thought. Yes, very unfortunate that the lion’s share of the text have to devote to foreign stars. What advise – to scold for his failure? First, in the file Kovbasiuk yet had noticeable results in the international arena, except that the Top 8 in the tournaments FIS. Second, slopes in the Carpathians is not of that caliber, in order to achieve the particular level of skill. Whereas in Europe, when our budget often don’t ride. However, we at the Olympics represented. And today, I hope first will keep fingers crossed for the Lvov Olga Knysh in the slalom. And then empty a flask of lemonade for a good forecast from the weather service.

Eugene KARELIAN, Sport-Express in Ukraine

13 Feb. Menfolk. The combo (downhill + slalom). 1. Hirscher (Austria) – 2.06,52 (1.20,56 (12) + 45,96 (1)). 2. Pantura – 2.06,75 (1.20,28 (10) + 46,47 (3)). 3. Mufa-Zande (both – France) – 2.07,54 (1.21,57 (29) + 45,97 (2)). 4. Schwartz (Austria) – 2.07,87 (1.20,98 (19) + 46,89 (5)). 5. Ligety (USA) – 2.07,97 (1.21,36 (26) + 46,61 (4)). 6. Murmillo-Blondin (France) – 2.08,02 (1.20,89 (17) + 47,13 (6)). 7. Jansrud (Norway) – 2.08,67 (1.19,51 (4) + 49,16 (19)). 8. Hadalin (Slovenia) – 2.08,94 (1.21,15 (21) + 47,79 (7))… KOWBASIUK (Ukraine) – not finished (1.24,21 (57) + DNF).

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