Olympics 2018: Well, that came back from battle

Saturday. Pyeongchang-gun. Olga KNYSH. Photo: noc-ukr.org

Another four day ski programs Pyeongchang, from 15 to 18 February, get rich envoys of the five countries.

It’s the Czech Republic and Austria in the super-g (respectively, ester Ledezma and Matthias Mayer), Norway downhill (Axel Svindal), Sweden in the women’s “just” slalom (Frida Hansdotter), USA and again Austria in giant slalom (scored Michaela Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher).

If each of them translate strings of Vladimir Vysotsky “…And descend from the conquered summits leaving the mountains my heart” from the film “Vertical” (Odessa film Studio – what else?), they, I’m sure I subscribed to them, although the ribbon over half a century! And Mr. Hirscher has and he is almost a legend. It’s not even that winning two disciplines at one Olympics in any case phenomenal for Alpine species. Earlier, Marseille won and in combination. There is another caveat.

During the current season in the world Cup, he climbed to second place in the history of the number of won stages (55), which still remains firmly in the turn of Ingemar Stenmark from Sweden. And our well-known in the recent past skier Julia Sidarenko drew the attention of the correspondent “SE”, whom he surpassed in terms of arithmetic Cup, his compatriot Hermann Maier (54), more recognizable by the nickname “Herminator”. Yes, Stenmark on three dozen more, but you never know, you know…

Another unique persona – Czech slalomists Esther Ledezma. At the Games in 2014 she was ranked very high in seventh place in the parallel giant as snoubordisty! As suggested lady Julia, the Czech Federation were looking to make it four years ago here and there. But the IOC and FIS, based on quotas for countries were asked to choose any one. Now in Korea, especially since the girl was not sprayed, and it turned out to be a wise decision. Esther, where in March will be just 23, if you want, you will have time in both directions to experiment.

After all, she is the current world champion-2017 in snowboarding (from the Spanish Sierra Nevada in the crown room program), and in General, and twice, keeping in mind about gold-2015 in parallel special slalom on the Austrian pistes. In Alpine skiing such awards was not yet, but soon – that’s the top of mount Olympus. Certainly, one of the first to congratulate the happy granddaughter Jan Klapac, forward army “Dukla” from Jihlava, winner and six-time medalist of ice hockey world Championships the national team of Czechoslovakia and the medalist of two Olympic games. Remember him on the broadcasts of Innsbruck in 1964 and Grenoble in 1968. Such that, you know, genes!

…The same Sabbath day from Lvov Olga Knysh was 43rd in the super-g, having advanced a little in comparison with the slalom, where he showed the 45th time the day before that. I suggest not to cling to how deep it is under the Protocol. Because, see, at “just” slalom showed 78 athletes, lost two attempts – 54, that is, Olya and in full ahead of nine competitors. But more important than that of the skiers, can not cope with the distance of No. 2, was, say, Swedish and German, it would seem, freaking out at a comfortable 16 and 19-th positions before. Yes, in the discipline name Ledecky, wishing it was smaller (45), but two still came down, and Knysh – resist.

So, friends, let’s not severe. After all, Olga and Transcarpathian Ivan Kovbasiuk makes its debut under the lights of five rings. Returning to the events of Thursday, you will notice that it has completed the downhill 49th, and is among fifty-five. Overcame disappointment next start in the super-g, finding himself in Friday among a Baker’s dozen not reaching. And yesterday (note, the number receiving breast number plates on giant slalom – 110), a delegate from the village of Yasinya at least rose above themselves. Because of the 70-th line in the first attempt he managed to lose over three seconds by the chronometer, and moved on to the 13 steps above.

By the way, it and favorites are not always obvious. Thus, the Frenchman Alexis Pinturo in his pocket, the second figure after the technically perfect Hirscher (this epithet again refer to my interlocutor), settled for a bronze too modest for 12-th time in the second “landing”. Well, in relation to the Ukrainian ski tandem, logical paraphrase another famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky. Let’s say this: it’s good that the guys came back from battle. Keeping to the same honor blue-and-yellow uniform, I mean – Alpine jumpsuit.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine


16 Feb. Men. Super. 1. Mayer (Austria) – 1.24,44. 2. Feuz (Switzerland) – 1.24,57. 3. Ensrud* (Norway) Is 1.24,62. 4. Gissendanner (France) – 1.24,82. 5. Svindal (Norway) Is 1.24,93. 6. Krichmayr (Austria) – 1.25,13. 7. Paris (Italy) – 1.25,18. 8. Zander (Germany) – 1.25,23… KOWBASIUK (Ukraine) – not finished.

Women. Slalom. 1. Hansdotter (Sweden) – 1.38,63 (49,09 + 49,54). 2. Holdener (Switzerland) – 1.38,68 (48,89 + 49,79). 3. Hallhuber (Austria) – 1.38,95 (50,12 + 48,83). 4. Shiffrin* (USA) – 1.39,03 (49,37 + 49,66). 5. Sven-Larsson (Sweden) – 1.39,61 (49,29 + 50,32). 6. Haver-Leset (Norway) – 1.40,16 (49,75 + 50,41). 7. Schild – 1.40,18 (49,89 + 50,29). 8. Lisberger (both – Austria) – 1.40,57 (50,43 + 50,14)… 45. KNYSH (Ukraine) – 1.58,00 (59,07 + 58,93).

17 Feb. Women. Super. 1. Ledecky (Czech Republic) – 1.21,11. 2. Veit (Austria) – 1.21,12. 3. Weirather (Liechtenstein) – 1.21,22. 4. Gut (Switzerland) – 1.21,23. 5. Snarf – 1.21,27. 6. The brignon (both – Italy), Vonn (USA) – 1.21,49. 8. Hutter (Austria) – 1.21,54…. 43. KNYSH – 1.30,60.

18 Feb. Men. Giant slalom. 1. Hirscher (Austria) – 2.18,04 (1.08,27 + 1.09,77). 2. Christoffersen (Norway) – 2.19,31 (1.09,58 + 1.09,73). 3. Pintura (France) – 2.19,35 (1.08,90 + 1.10,45). 4. Fender (Slovenia) – 2.19,77 (1.09,52 + 1.10,25). 5. Fanara – 2.19,83 (1.09,22 + 1.10,61). 6. Mufa-Jande – 2.19,85 (1.09,44 + 1.10,41). 7. Fevre (France) – 2.19,99 (1.09,06 + 1.10,93). 8. Nestvold-Haugen (Norway) – 2.20,23 (1.08,93 + 1.11,30)… 15. Ligeti* (USA) – 2.21,25 (1.10,71 + 1.10,54)… 57. KOVBASIUK – 2.37,67 (1.20,41 + 1.17,26).

* champion (champion) ZOE-2014.

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