Olympics 2018: the Thermometer of our hopes

So countrymen accompanied Ivan KOVBASIUK in his first winter Games. Photo: 0312.ua

Yesterday the Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in Alpine skiing disciplines finished on the steep slopes of Pyeongchang.

Become truly mnogostanochnikov Ivan Kovbasiuk kicked off for the fifth for yourself programs, special slalom, and twice… didn’t finish. Apparently, multi-day, first of all, the psychological burden proved to be excessive Olympic rookie.

By the way, descended gathered more than enough. Including this “monster” as Marcel Hirscher (he, for a moment, the two-time champion-2018). With regard to applicants for slalom regalia, the crown climbed the Swede Andre Meurer.

But those readers who have followed our reports you could see: the pupil of Igor Skryabin and his mother-coach Mary Kovbasiuk even during the Olympic games gained valuable tournament experience.

…Before giving the floor to the specialist who knows Ivan and his mentors, allow yourself not entirely a digression. In the story day of the Winter Studio at UA Perche for February 21, the senior coach of the Ukrainian biathlete Uros Velepec dropped a seemingly innocent phrase. They say, “experts in their comments talked such nonsense…”. If it’s just the search for objectivity – is good, but if a trivial offense for the deficiency of admiration, so it is necessary to clarify: what the critics meant? Otherwise, the concept of just experts – it’s like “average temperature” in the therapeutic Department by the beginning of the medical bypass.

Vouch for species that in some or the other extent had a chance to Shine in “SE” these days – unsubstantiated accusations against the slalom, skiers, etc., we avoid a priori. Yes, and respect, the concept of variable, for example, Leva Zadov from the film by Alexei Tolstoy, convinced opponent of the negotiations: “Well, love me, Roshin!”. Notice: we are committed to our Olympians and no requests. Just, the level of the results has not been canceled.

– We are proud of Ivan Kovbasiuk, said yesterday in an interview with your correspondent, Chairman of the ski Federation of Transcarpathian region Vasily Gizem – he has already justified advances how got a pass for today’s Game. Quota – a condition indispensable, but see what the position of our countryman is ranked in the world top 500 in the downhill he 237 in the Alpine combination – 303. Such places before the men have not mastered. Well, the age allows for adequate support to undergo at least two more Olympic cycles.

Are you talking about the rating, but we remember the 12th place of Nikolai Scriabin in Nagano 1998…

– That’s right, it was a success, no matter how many opponents combinations then went. I meant purely progress Kovbasiuk in the General classification. In life, he is a very humble and hardworking. And these qualities are enticing and as an example for the young.

– By the way, I wanted to ask about traditions, after all, where to put our ski, not in the Transcarpathian region?

– Oh, that’s just the problem is not unambiguous. Before Vancouver 2010, our region disposed of 14 candidates in different types of FIS. Eight of them were considered real, but in reality made five – Joseph Penyak and annamari Chundak (now Dance) in snowboarding, Anastasia Skryabina in Alpine skiing, and freestyle Stanislav Kravchuk, Enver Ablaev. Today, as you can see, these messengers only two – again, Dance and for the first time Kovbasiuk. Could be more vague and say – an accident.

And really, what’s the reason?

– If a word is in relation to the needs of winter sports. Here, our regional sport management is, as if delicately phrased and unconstructive position. No, enthusiasts among the mentors are not extinct. Senior coach of the region Mariana, Fendt relies on DYUSSH Spartak in Mizhgirske area and also lead the children through the Centre for Olympic training.

Together with colleagues, of course. But funding is extremely modest, even by the standards of the region. It is clear that for the Olympic task Kovbasiuk, people were making more possible. So, nick Scriabin helped in canadian Whistler. And his father, in his venerable years, he turned the wheel to deliver the student to the places of starts in different parts of Europe. I think those 8 years, which Ivan conducted with Igor Petrovich made reality as he is worthy, I stress, were seen in Korea.

– Actually, it makes me wonder – are mountains around, one beauty which is…

– Not just beauty! You see, the slopes are – Yes. However, what is applicable for tourism, not promises conditions for the sport. It must act and the related rules of the route, and security. All actually implemented, and evidence close – in the same Slovakia and Poland. Austria don’t want to touch, she’s on a space deletion. If you will be in the hands letterhead of any ski centre, look down the list of companies that sponsor. They reveal a simple secret – the taxes are paid from the business, not indiscriminately to the Treasury and earmarked partly on the sports facility. The provision of benefits, of course. However, for us, this is conceivable only with the filing States.

– Vasily Mikhailovich, but you see tomorrow though with a degree of optimism?

– Nothing else to do. To work ready. And talents will find it. It is important that anyone else was interested.

…Pan Gizem, out of modesty, silent in a conversation that his Federation has contributed to the partial provision of ski and Kovbasiuk, and Lviv resident Olga Knysh. Of course, connecting patrons. Examples such as the presence in the Western part of the country’s diverse mountain landscape allows to expect a high degree of impact in our ski shop. However, if the shoulder, it will substitute not only public organizations and childhood friends.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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