Olympics 2018: the Terrible trauma of the Russian snowboarder

Nikolay Olyunin. Photo: Reuters

Russian Nikolay Olyunin was seriously injured in the semi-Bord-cross-country at the Olympics-2018.

Within 10 minutes after the fall he was lying on the track and could not rise independently.

Olenin could only leave the track by medical staff on a stretcher. “SE” gathered details.


Nikolay Olyunin managed to reach the semi-finals of the competition. However, during his attempts he fell down and remained lying. After medical assistance the athlete was able to leave the ring on a stretcher.


As it became known correspondent “SE” Vladimir IVANOV, Alumina – broken leg. The athlete was encouraged by the others, shouting that with him “all right.”


The head coach of the Russian national snowboard Denis Tikhomirov said the “SE” that the silver medalist of the Olympics in Sochi were in Pyeongchang with a knee injury and that this injury did not allow Aluminu terminate the competition at the Games in 2018.

The coach of the Russian snowboard Arthur Zlobin told about the nature of the injury Alumina Nicholas, who broke his leg in the fall. At the same time, the specialist added that the athlete in mind, reports from Pyeongchang special correspondent “SE” Vladimir IVANOV.

– I don’t think you can give any predictions, but his life is not in danger.

– Is he conscious?

– Yes, of course.

– What about the spine?

– With him everything is normal. Can’t walk – his leg is broken.

– Talked to him after the fall?

– Well, how? She is shocked that he can now say?

– He had a knee problem?

Was not with the knee.

– A fracture of what part of the foot it?

– Lower.

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