Olympics 2018: The Return Of The Tomato

Pyeongchang-gun. Shaun WHITE. Photo: Reuters

Great American snowboarder Shaun white, nicknamed “the Flying Tomato” won gold at the Olympics in the half-pipe, proving that among riders is equal to him was not, and never will.

Gold medal of the Olympic games-2018 in the discipline of half-pipe became white’s third of his career. 31-year-old native of San Diego was the best in Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010. At both Olympics he set world records, and in 2010 surpassed their scores.

For the Games-2014 he visited the clear favorite, but made mistakes in each of the attempts and showed only the fourth result. Few people believed that four years later, white is back on the Game, but that’s what happened.

He perfectly fulfilled their attempt, and when I heard the scores and realized that once again became an Olympic champion in tears. White eventually became the most decorated snowboarder in history. Now it legally can be considered a legend not only for its discipline but also the world of sports. Gold medal white in Pyeongchang can be considered special because she was the 100th for the United States in the history of the winter Olympics.

In addition to the Olympic games, Shawn – a multiple winner, perhaps even more prestigious snowboarding competition – X-Games. This annual commercial starts in extreme sports. Their winner is also considered the best in the world in his discipline. White won gold medals in these competitions 13 times from 2003 to 2013, almost regularly winning on-site dining and slopestyle – two disciplines of snowboarding. Also he has 3 silver and 2 bronze medals X-Games.

Shaun white until the last moment could stay out applications for their fourth Olympic games. The fact that in October, during training, he received a severe injury. He had a hard cuts on the nose, cut upper lip and bruised lungs. In total, the doctors put him seam 62. G. G. Thomas, the coach of white, estimated the chances of his ward to return to the Olympics in 50 percent. Only 14 January, the American was able to qualify for the Olympics, won the stage, U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix half-pipe.

After the birth of Shawn about any Olympic games could not go and speeches. The doctors gave the baby a heart defect. The situation was corrected two childhood surgery. The doctor of one of hospitals of the state of California did their job so professionally that in five years, Sean was already healthy and able to play sports.

On Board Sean got up at six years. He rode every day with his older brother and sometimes with my parents, big fans of this sport. Mother and father allowed his son to train instead of lessons in school, which aroused resentment on the part of teachers. Parents believed that using the Board Shaun will be able to earn their bread, and they were right. He is one of the richest athletes in the world and makes millions of dollars on advertising. At the age of 16 years, Sean’s parents bought a house on the coast near San Diego, so their hopes dashed with the stock.

The best snowboarder is not only surfing in the snow. It is also successful in skateboarding. In particular, he won two summer X-Games. In 2011, he was the only one who won the winter and summer championship in one season.

Shaun white due to its popularity became the face of snowboarding. His face can be found in many games and movies about this sport, and in 2011 he entered the world of the silver screen. Athlete played himself in the film “Sex on friendship” with the actors Mila kunis and Justin Timberlake. This finally substantiated his superstar status.

In addition Shaun white is a musician. He’s the guitarist of the American band Bad Things playing indie rock. They began their journey in 2012, and in the summer of 2013 signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records. Together with Sean in the band are his longtime friends – those with whom he grew up in San Diego, as well as two new friends from Los Angeles. Guitar Sean started about 10 years ago. He gave her in childhood as a trophy for winning one of the competitions. Long she lay idle until Shawn got injured on one of the X-Games and decided to deal with it. He fell in love with the music almost as much as snowboarding and now touring across the USA with his band in free from sports time.

Mikhail POTAPOV, sport express

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