Olympics 2018: the New king’s name is Johannes

Johannes CLABO. Photo: Reuters

The history of the Norwegian skier Johannes Clabo, which will be the main star of the upcoming Olympic games in Pyeongchang and, most likely, the next decade

Historically, the “king of skiing” is the athlete who is in one world Cup or Olympic games wins at distances of 30 and 50 km, Since then, radically changed the program of the tournament, there was the sprint discipline and race with mass start. Grew and a new generation of athletes – the real ones who are able to win in the sprint and 50-kilometer marathons.

Norwegian Petter Northug, who sought the Royal title twice, should replace compatriot Johannes Clabo. It is not excluded that it will happen at the Games in Pyeongchang. 21-year-old teenager, Clabo this season is impressive. In the world Cup he’s nine (!) once stood on the podium, and in seven cases was the first. Klabo missed the race “Tour de Ski”, but fought for the victory in all races in which participated. 21-year-old Norwegian is the main sensation of the year and the most striking ski Junior after Northug.


Clabo grew up in Trondheim, a Northern ski town 300 km from Oslo. Like many boys, dreamed of playing soccer and chasing the ball every spare minute.

I practically lived on the football field, says Klabo. I was sure that I would become a professional footballer and my hero was and remains Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mother of the future star he once was fifth in the Junior championship Norway, but due to injury was forced to retire early. Father was fond of skiing at the Amateur level, but the grandfather it is a professionally ran marathons prestigious series of Vasaloppet. My first pairs of skis, Clabo received a gift for Christmas when he was two years. The kid was wearing a ski-in living room, and then, under the strict guidance of his father, and went out into the snow. Now a personal trainer, Clabo is his own grandfather. Any suggestions of the coaches of the national team Johannes confidently replied: “First I need to consult with Santa”.

Years to 12 the number of sports Hobbies, Clabo in the first place was the football. But then, in 2009, he saw the victory of his compatriot Petter Northug at the world Cup in Liberec Czech. It was a complete triumph, celebration of power and speed. Then, Clebo finally decided: “I’ll be skiing”. He promised my grandfather that to 24 years will be better Northug and all the world. It seems that success came to Clebo even sooner than he expected.

Klebo only 21, he already has a bronze medal last year’s world Cup and the Small crystal globe in sprint offset. The Norwegian became the youngest winner of this title in history. Two years ago, he took three golds at the Junior world forum for the first time on the podium of the adult world Cup.

He is the best skier in the world at the moment, especially in terms of technology, believes teammate and multiple world champion Martin Sundby. – Clabo brought skiing to a new level. For the opponents it’s almost humiliating, especially when you consider that he’s only the second season is with adults. I am very glad that in our team there is such an athlete.


He Clabo believes the key to its success is the desire to compete. In the family he has a younger brother and sister. The kids made race everything from cross-country skiing before loading the dishwasher. Clabo, trained from early morning to late evening. His grandfather organized the work in such a way that the active kid she never wearied.

Instead of chasing me in a circle, his grandfather built a springboard, says Klabo. We played it until the sun was setting or had to eat. I never took to skiing too seriously. For me, it was a solid fun game. Grandfather always cared a lot.

In the process of this game, Clabo along with the coach found a unique technique that has never been used still in ski racing. For many days they experimented: as soon as possible and more efficient to climb the mountain. As a result, now the Norwegian is running as if his feet did not ski. Frequent running with high lifting hips and minimal phase sliding is contrary to the canons of classical techniques. But it allows Clabo instantly break away from the pursuers and unbeatable.

Early king short spurts considered himself Petter Northug. But even he never did anything on the track such as Clabo. Johannes is himself a very respected older companion and never misses a chance to play with him football. The rivalry of Northug and Clabo would be a great poster for the Games in Pyeongchang, but the oldest Norwegian star will not go there. Health problems do not allow Northug to fully be in this season.


Johannes, Clebo only 21, and he’s only the second year acts among adults, but his career has become a real family business. Grandfather named Cora is his personal coach. Papa Hagen negotiates with sponsors and manufacturers of equipment. Mom is at home, the younger brother of Ula maintains a video blog on Youtube and using drones regularly produces stories about training, sister Anya is responsible for correspondence with the fans… Even for grandma, there was something for everyone. Since then, a few years ago it became clear that Clebo not tolerate gluten, she bakes him home-made bread, which he takes with him anywhere in the globe.

Clabo seems to be a normal young guy who is not averse to fool around and, for example, make a funny face. In contrast, for example, biathlon brothers Be, it is rarely seen at parties or discos.

– I’m usually behind the wheel driving such activities to their friends, and at 10 PM have returned home, – says Johannes.

Perhaps the fact that his family is too much at stake this career. But rather, Clebo just sincerely wants to win more than fun to spend the night. Because in the end, the ski is for him to still play and pleasure.

Natalia MARYANCHIK, sport express

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