Olympics 2018: The Fugitives

Charlotte Kalla, Photo: Reuters

There is little doubt that the first champion of the Pyeongchang will Marit bjoergen. Skiers know that the Norwegian is strong in all types of programs, but in the skiathlon.

In this discipline the Norwegian four times won the world Championships and also excelled at the Games in Vancouver and Sochi. Was the favorite and Pyeongchang, but the Swedish star Charlotte Kalla was able to stop it.

It was not a holiday bjoergen, but the Norwegian won the gold medal in the fifth consecutive Olympics, and it’s a sports feat. 30-year-old Calle also scored great achievement – the Swede won gold at the third games in a row. And all – in different disciplines.

The race started calmly. A kilometer or two girls rolled out, as if enjoying the beautiful weather. And then came forward bjoergen and so inflated rate that the cutoff is 4.63 km in the leading group left 21 athlete.

After 7.5 km – iconic cut – the outcome of the race is bound to improve even more. At the ridge part of the course, the group of contenders for the medals was reduced to 14 people. However, 3 km before the finish his trump card posted Calla. The Swede sprinted into the lead, which was also a complete surprise.

For a few hundred metres clearance increased to 5 seconds, but no one attempts to catch it failed to take. Apparently, I thought about the bird in the hand. As a result, the cutoff of 13.5 km the question on the winner was selected. Calla “lucky” all of 10 seconds. All the leading group by the time appreciably stretched and Nepryaeva with the leader of the distance world Cup standings, Heidi Weng started to lag. The company is good. But medals do not provide for it.


Men’s skiathlon in Pyeongchang was very cool. Is it possible to assume that for a medal at the finish line will fight those who at the start was the last because of massive blockage.

It all began for the Russian skiers so poorly. Norwegian Simen Kruger fell out of the blue after literally 200 metres after the start. Formed a bunch of small, all of which, of course, escaped, but lost a lot of time.

The peloton did not ran a kilometer, and Krueger fell behind by 15 seconds. However, he lost speed and contact with the main group, so the gap increased. Moreover, the head of the race Finn Ivo Niskanen dramatically upped the tempo.

Niskanen slowed only to around 10 km. He just modestly stood back and looked around at the five closest pursuers – the Norwegians Sundby, Clebo and Colonna, Swiss Colonu and canadian Harvey. Finn tired to lead and perched in the middle of the group. But without Niskanen at the head of the peloton, the pace of the leaders has fallen sharply. This played into the hands of the pursuers.

The ridge of the race until the last lap was absolutely quiet. No one tried to up the pace and run. Up until four kilometers before the finish line did Kruger. He jerked forward, and the rest did nothing. Nothing at all.

Other Norwegians such tactics were understandable – does it matter who from the team runs to victory? In any case, it would be logical. But what did cologna, Harvey, Frenchman Magnifica?

Two kilometers before the finish line, Kruger has escaped for 20 seconds, and gold all was already clear. As in a fairy tale – with the latest first. Silver and bronze played Sundby and Holon, which could increase the rate in comparison with all the others.

Vladimir IVANOV, Andrew SHETIHIN, sport express

10 Feb. Women. The 15 km skiathlon (7,5 km (C) + 7,5 km (With)). 1. Kalla (Sweden) – 40.44,9. 2. Bjoergen (Norway) – backlog of 7.8. 3. Pharmacoki (Finland) To 10.1. 4. Andersson (Sweden) Is 10.9. 5. Diggins (USA) – 14,7. 6. Von Siebenthal (Switzerland) – 17,6. 7. Stadlober (Austria) – Of 26.6. 8. Nepryaeva (SAR) – 33,0… 45. ANTIPENKO – 4.46,3… 53. ANTSIBOR (both – Ukraine) – 5.33,3.

11 Feb. Menfolk. Skiathlon 30 km (15 km (K) + 15 km (C)). 1. Kruger 1:16.20,0. 2. Sundby to 8.0. 3. Holon (all – Norway) – a 9.9. 4. Spicav (SAR) is 12.7. 5. The Magnifica (France) And 14.2. 6. Colonia* (Switzerland) – 25,1. 7. Musgrave (UK) – 25,7. 8. Harvey (Canada) And 33.4… 61. KRASOVSKY (Ukraine).

* champion (champion) ZOE-2014.

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