Olympics 2018: the Baddest of the hurricane (VIDEO)

Cheerleaders from North Korea. Photo: Reuters

Figure skaters from the DPRK, tearing apart the arena with his performance, the North Korean cheerleaders throwing a hurricane in the stands, go to build to the bathroom and disappear on command.


from Pyeongchang

Athletes from North Korea was not supposed to go to Pyeongchang because only two of them fulfilled the qualification standards, and those not filed. But in the end agreement was reached, and Korea went not only 22 athletes, as well as coaches and journalists, but also artists, and support group. During the short program in the pairs competitions in figure skating and the athletes, and the fans lit. Attention was riveted, and those and others.

First Pro skaters Eat Tae OK Kim and Chu Shik. We can say that compared to 99.99% of the people in North Korea they are quite free people. They go for international competitions (otherwise, no rating will not) and conduct overseas training camps. Last summer they spent a lot of time in Canada, where he worked under the guidance of Bruno Marcotte. For athletes from the DPRK it was a brave thing to do. After all, Marcotte trains and a couple Megan Duhamel and Eric Radford, and he is openly gay.

In the short program in Pyeongchang Eat Tae OK Kim and Chu Shik showed an excellent, even phenomenal for rentals under a cover version of the song, A Day in the Life of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Triple twist, absolutely parallel triple toe loop, triple loop ejection, great support and stylish of rotation and the path of steps. Four points exceeded his record, recently set in the championship of four continents.

After rolling a pair of the DPRK in the stands was incredible. South Korean fans support them even more than my pair. Its fall, and these are not just did not fall, and played at a high level. But Eat Tae OK Kim and Chu Shik was the special support group. It is young girls in the same clothes. They came to the competition in advance, preparing the flags of Korea and the DPRK. But if the South Korean skaters in this group is welcomed only by the flapping of flags, their amicable chant and chants.

After about an hour after the start of the competition part of this group went to the toilet clear systems. The same order they went back. The performance of other participants in the North Korean beauties watched in stunned silence, and then the team left the podium. These girls have not seen rentals the strongest couples, so they didn’t need to be.

This group of wild excitement, and the attention they compel more than covered the Olympics hurricane. Journalists at some point surrounded their dense ring so that it had to intervene to volunteers. But they are compensated for their withdrawal from figure skating beautiful song, performed in the lobby of the ice arena.

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