Olympics 2018: Sweden won the first gold medal

Charlotte Kalla (center), Photo: Reuters

In Pyeongchang awarded the first medals in ski racing.

Olympics 2018

Ski race


Skiathlon, 7,5+7,5 km

1. Charlotte Kalla (Sweden) – 40.44,9

2. Marit bjoergen (Norway) – backlog of 7.8

3. Krista Pharmacoki (Finland) 10,1

4. Ebba Andersson (Sweden) – 10,9

5. Jessica Diggins (USA) – 14,7

6. Nathalie von Siebenthal (Switzerland) – 17,6

7. Theresa Stadlober (Austria) – 26,6

8. Natalia Nepryaeva (Rus) – 33,0.

Swedish skier Charlotte Kalla became the first ski champion of the Games-2018. A stunning breakthrough for three kilometres before the finish brought her victory in the skiathlon.

By tradition, the first lap of the classic portion of the skiathlon at girls reveals a group of athletes that are behind the leading group almost immediately. After the first round, the leaders gradually began to break away. Three kilometres before the finish the group was reduced to eight athletes, and go on a long tyahun pulled by the Swede Charlotte Kalla!

This jerk threw out a number of contenders for the medals Natalia Nepraev, and all the rest have left no chance for gold. Calla ran fantastically, as in many races this season. She suffered, worked under every step, even on the climbs, and close to it one could not.

Calla finished in splendid isolation, and became a triple Olympic champion. Bjoergen and Finnish Krista Pharmacoki decided the fate of silver and bronze on the last climb.

The games in Pyeongchang only gaining momentum.

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