Olympics 2018: see off on clothes

Tuesday. Kiev. Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav KIRILENKO passes the shaft and Vita Semerenko colors Ukraine. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

On Tuesday in Kiev held a solemn farewell of the Ukrainian team at the XXIII Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.


of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine


Not to say that the concentration of Olympians per square meter of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, where the ceremony took place, was off the charts. And it’s not just that these Games we risk to set a record for the number of participants.

Ballpark figure – 35, which is even less than it was in Lillehammer in 1994, where she first participated in independent Ukraine. The exact composition will be announced after January 28, when finally determined with their licenses the international ski Federation (FIS).

Just due to the busy schedule of competitions and training, as it is our winter is traditionally held abroad, eight athletes failed to look at the Olympic flame in the capital. Skaters Yaroslav Panic, Anna Hrycenko, Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin – on the road with the just-concluded Moscow the European championship. Four biathletes sisters Vita and Valya Semerenko, Julia Jim and Anastasiya Merkushyna stopped in Kiev on the day after the world Cup in Antholz. And barely off the event, once again rushed to the airport “Borispol”. Since they had a crash on the final pre-Olympic camp in Kazakhstan.

The ceremony started a little later than planned, because waiting for the Deputy head of the presidential Administration Rostislav Pavlenko, who was supposed to read for the participants of the upcoming Games greeting from Petro Poroshenko. Correspondent “SE” has decided to use the hitch to figure out who to root for, and for which competition at the Olympics in 2018 to follow our illustrious representatives of summer sports.

First we opened the floor for the bronze medal Games in Sydney-2000 jump in the water and concurrently chief of mission of the Olympic team of Ukraine in Pyeongchang Anna Sorokina. First gently inquiring, and if in her busy schedule time to surrender to the simple pleasures of the fans.

– Of course, it’s also one of my duties, – said Sorokin. – I will work night to day you can cheer on our. As an athlete I know how important it is to feel supported, to see familiar faces and hear familiar voices in the stands. Figure skating, biathlon, Luge and skeleton, the last two seem to me insanely scary and close to me freestyle try to visit everything. And I’m sorry that there will be participants from Ukraine in short track. The speed, the tactics, the crazy heat from this sport I just breathtaking.

Partial to short track, as it turned out, the bronze medalist of the world championship in run on 1500 meters (2003) Ivan geschke:

– I will follow all kinds of sports, which are the Ukrainians, and I will definitely watch the short track and hockey. Of course, it is a pity that the international Olympic Committee rejected the proposal of the IAAF, on the inclusion trail running in the winter Games in Pyeongchang. But it’ll probably happen at the next Olympics. At least I would be very happy about that. No, not because I want to participate, age is unlikely, I did that in Curling to play can. (Laughs).


Bronze medalist of Athens 2004 in the composition of the handball national team of Ukraine Elena Yatsenko, as it turned out, she runs well enough on skis, learned in physical education classes in his native Kharkov. And then continued “skiing” career already at the training camp in Vorokhta along with the Kiev “Spartak” under the guidance of the legendary Igor Turchin.

Almost all of our Olympic athletes she had the opportunity to meet you personally, because it was one of those who replied to the NOC for the equipment of the teams in Pyeongchang.

– Maybe even in time for someone to feel personal sympathy? – we asked Elena Yatsenko.

– I’m a team player, I love them all and I want them all to win! And the sympathy I have for biathlon, and long. By the way, had at the time of equipment to communicate with the coach of our national team by the Uros Velepec. I know Slovenian perfectly, learned when playing for the “crime”. By the way, I happen to love the ski jumping, in this country they are very popular, and became interested in Alpine skiing, was very ill at the time for Janica Kostelic from Croatia. Still I always liked figure skating, and hockey. Guess why. Right, because that is the game sport!

Two-time Olympic champion (2012, 2016) in a canoe Yuri Cheban at this time were surprisingly predictable in their tastes, but not explanations to them.

– I will watch the biathlon because it’s very close to me in spirit of the sport. What exactly is he close to me? Efforts must be made to succeed. On energy costs it is approximately proportional to rowing. You have to run like a horse, then to shoot accurately, and this requires a steady hand and a keen eye.

Valentina Semerenko: “IF THERE’s EXCITEMENT, YOU’re READY”

The first part of the ceremony was marked by greetings: first, the above-mentioned from President Petro Poroshenko, and then Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. Read the latest appeal, the Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko gave the sisters Semerenko national flag of Ukraine. Then the audience asked Andriy Parubiy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the head of the Committee on family matters, youth policy, sports and tourism Arthur Ward. In the end, the floor was taken by Minister of sport Ihor Zhdanov.

Much more concise was the NOC President Sergey Bubka. But his words sounded, perhaps even more convincing:

– We know how severe the competition is in the Olympic competitions, – said Bubka, is to Compete to be the fittest athletes in the world, but I am convinced that you will strive to show the best results. The whole of Ukraine will be rooting for you!

But to speak on behalf of the Olympians was entrusted to the youngest in our biathlon team of Anastasia Merkushina – Vice-epionce world in the relay (2017). She stressed how hard it was to even win a place and what an honor for every athlete to represent his country at the Olympics. Thanked everyone who hurts and will hurt for the fact that they all happened in Pyeongchang.

– To be honest, I have prepared a thesis, – admitted already after the performance of 23-year-old biathlete from Ternopil, whose mother Merkushina Irina was a participant of the Olympics in Nagano, in 1998. But I was so nervous before going on stage, they all literally disappeared. Fortunately, I only had to pick up the microphone, the excitement evaporated too, and I just said the words that were in my heart.

If Merkushino this will be the first Olympics in his career, her oldest friend on the team Valentina Semerenko made her debut in Turin 2006, by the way, without his sister Vita. On the question of the correspondent “SE” about whether to believe her that she was already fourth in career Olympic games, he replied:

Fourth, right? And I don’t think. Perhaps because I always tried to concentrate on the work I have to do, and not on the scale of what is happening. Feeling about the same, then what it is now. Fun, good, nice, exciting. If there’s excitement, there will be adrenaline, and therefore to start you are ready.


The highlight of the program was the presentation of the Olympic gear sample Pyeongchang 2018, the development of which, as in Rio 2016 said the company PEAK. Form is traditionally in yellow and blue colors with print “Golden ears”, one set counts more than fifty titles.

Biathletes and figure skaters came to the ceremony in costumes for official receptions, and sports equipment demonstrated by the stars of show business and sport, among the latest athletes Natalia Dobrynska and Olha saladukha, canoeist Yuriy Cheban, boxer Denis Berinchik, swimmer Daryna Zevina, skier Dmitry Myzak, biathlon Andrew Deryzemlya and Elena Petrova.

However, if it was not the usual fashion show and model contest, then I think the palm would be shared by two charming blondes – Vice-world champion in jumping in height Yulia Levchenko and European champion in judo Daria Beloded.

Looking for a light but confident stride of a 17-year-old Dasha on stage it was hard to imagine that some four days ago, this graceful girl throwing the opponent to the right and left on the road to the gold “Grand Prix” in Tunisia.

– Of course, not as much as on the Mat, but I really feel confident enough, shared her feelings after the fashion show Daria Beloded, Although the runway I went for the first time in my life. Actually, I have long wanted to try yourself in the role model, and I must say that I liked it.

– Trying on the Olympic uniform Pyeongchang 2018, did not think, in any winter sport could achieve success themselves?

– I think in Alpine skiing. I really like to ride them, though now I imagine it can’t be dangerous.

Unlike Daria Beloded, Levchenko it was not the first modeling experience, she participated in a similar presentation ahead of the Olympics in Rio.

– What happened behind the scenes while the audience listened to the greeting of the first persons of the state and watched the performances of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine – we asked Yulia Levchenko.

– Full training – she smiled, – We have trained defile, tried hard, was pleasant to all. I really want this form has brought good luck to our athletes in Korea.


By the way, the original script was supposed to participate in the presentation of forms and leading dance couple of Ukraine’s Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin.

– We were focused on preparing for competitions and other pressing issues, – explained Maxim – So, apparently, we have decided not to distract.

– We see the Olympics for four years in our dreams and dreams, – said Alexander, – Now it is a reality and this reality needs to prepare. Tomorrow morning we departure to the USA. And there in our training camp will make the final touches before’s Pyongyang.

It is curious that representatives of mass-media, probably, three times, or four more than the Olympic athletes, so to get to the last was not so easy. All the time, while cameras, microphones and dictaphones had gone, modestly stood on the sidelines the girl of Asian appearance. When the questions finally ended, she walked up to Sasha and Maxim:

– I’m a fan of figure skating from Japan introduced it in broken Russian. – Can you take a picture? (The answer of course was positive. – Approx..With.)

And even here it is difficult to say, you need to rejoice or grieve over the fact that the Japanese fans know the Ukrainian Olympians in person in contrast to the journalists of some of our TV channels who consider themselves leading, but reminiscing about the sport only every four years.

After graduating fashion show on the stage began an impromptu photo shoot, the parade, even pereplyunuv many photographers is the winner of the first Olympic medals in the history of independent Ukraine (bronze 1994 Lillehammer) biathlete Valentina Tserbe-nesina. There was also her colleague, the Vice-champion of Nagano-1998 Elena Petrovawho participated in the demonstration form of the Olympic team of Ukraine

In our time, the wires, too, was the place to be, but not in this format – said Petrov, – All was much more modest. Now it took on a whole other level, plus the outfit is gorgeous. You can envy the current generation of Olympians envy.

– What would you wish for? After all, you’re one of the few who got a taste of Olympic medal…

– I think the extra words are not necessary, the athletes themselves know everything, they just need to get together again, believe in yourself and no fluff.

Well, it only remains to add: “To hell!”

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