Olympics 2018: Pyeongchang travel superstars

Darya Domracheva. Photo: Reuters

The main Olympian of modern times – the eight-time winner of the Olympics OLE Einar Bjoerndalen, Pyeongchang-gun not qualified.

However, at the XXIII Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang will come the athletes who have already entered the history of world sport.


Take the wife of the great Norwegian. Belarusian rocket became one of the main characters of the Games-2014. Also, Daria is the bronze in the individual race in Vancouver in 2010, two gold medals from world Championships and the Big crystal globe for the victory in the overall world Cup standings.

But Domracheva only 31 years old. By the standards Bjoerndalen – does not age.


The most decorated athlete of our time – Marit bjoergen. In March, she will have 38 years, but today very few people under force to stop her. The Norwegian six – time Olympic champion and one of the main favourites Pyeongchang in all races in which to participate. That is all. As for the world Championships, bjoergen won them 18 times.


February 22, she turns 46 years of age. His first Olympic medal she has won in Alberuela-1992. Hard to believe, but those Games haven’t played even Bjoerndalen. Just for a career Pechstein won the Olympics five times and won four medals of different advantage. From women only to her and Raisa Smetanina was able to be in the prizes at five Olympic games in a row.


The most decorated biathlete Bjoerndalen, in the absence of the Pyeongchang will partner OLE Einar’s teammate Emil Hegle Svendsen. On account of the Norwegian four Olympic gold medals. However, three of them won in the relays.

Dario cologna

Those are mistaken who think that the most titled acting skier-Olympian Petter Northug. Norwegians “only” two gold medals of the Games. But the Swiss Dario Colonia – three. And incidentally, he may well add to their collection in Pyeongchang. And Northug was there, apparently, we, alas, will not see.

Irene WUST

A living legend of Dutch, and world skates, continues to collect medals from all tournaments. In Sochi 2014 she got on the podium in five out of six possible. It is unlikely she will be able to repeat the same trick in Pyeongchang, but one or two gold medals she could win. While they have it – four.

Felix LOCH

If skating, skiing or the biathlon, you can win five medals in one Olympics, Luge do not have this possibility. The more valuable the achievement of Felix Loch, the German three-time Olympic champion. He’s a nine-time world champion. At the Games-2014 the Loch had the honour to be the flag bearer of their country.


Another skater in our list. About Sven Kramer heard even those who are far from his sport. The Dutchman is a true legend. He has three Olympic gold. Generally supposed to be four. But in Vancouver in 2010, where he with huge advantage won the 10,000 m, Sven made a mistake with the transition paths – and to everyone’s shock was removed.

Noriaki KASAI

If all the above athletes won at the Olympic games at least three times (going after Shiffrin made our top-list in advance), the Japanese never. While. He has won three medals at the Olympics, but the uniqueness of the other – in the sports longevity and stability. The number of age records 45-year-old Japanese is the most award-winning party Games in 2018. No one except Casa not participated in 13 world Championships in ski sports, and no one started at the world Cup over 530 times. The upcoming Olympics will be his eighth – and this is also a record. Many times the winter Olympics were not even one.


This American superstar, despite her young age. For the Olympics 2014, she made history, becoming the youngest winner of the Olympic games in Alpine skiing. When she won gold in the slalom, she was not yet 19. In the same kind of program she took three of the last world Cup. She has already even the Big crystal globe. Likely to win Michaela and Pyeongchang, because the world Cup the competition it just yet. And one discipline in Korea she is not going to be limited, the sportswoman wants to win even in “giant”.

Vladimir IVANOV, sport express

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