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Tatiana ANTIPENKO. Photo: noc-ukr.org

In the eve of the main start of fourth anniversary of the “SE” correspondent talked with the Ukrainian Olympians, find out what events they watched as a child that I know about Korea, the host of the upcoming Games and who, in their opinion, should carry the Ukrainian flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

1. Continue the phrase: for me the Olympic games are…

2. When you first saw the TV broadcast of the Olympics?

3. What do you associate South Korea?

4. Imagine, you and your teammates went for a walk in Pyeongchang and lost. Who went to ask for directions?

5. Who should carry the flag of Ukraine at the opening ceremony of the Games in Pyeongchang?

6. What winter sports would you like to invite to dinner?

7. The competition, what sports would you like to visit the Olympics in Pyeongchang?

8. Tell us who have been glued to the TV screen, will watch your performance at the Olympics?

9. Imagine, you have a minute to talk about your sport so that even the people who never before were not interested, wanted to turn on the TV and watch the stream of Pyeongchang.



(ski race

One. The Olympics is the ultimate goal of the athlete. I think every kid who begins to play sports, wants to get there. I was no exception and for me it is an honor to represent Ukraine at the Games in Pyeongchang.

Two. It was the summer Olympics in Athens. The most aching then swimmers Yana Klochkova and Oleg Lisogor. And then, when he started ski racing, became more interesting winter. Vancouver looked. Girls, who are now with me in the team already played there. And then I only dreamed about the Olympics.

Three. Korea I associate with high technology. My dad coach a couple of years ago took the kids under the Dream program. Was told that the hotel had these beds that felt like sleeping on the floor. And yet, as far as I know, Koreans are very popular seafood. But they need to be very careful that our body is not used to this.

Four. I guess I would delegate. Why? Usually in such cases I have a situation to resolve.

Five. A lot of decent athletes in the national team. Biathlete, skier. I would probably like in the last Olympics, was entrusted the honor to Valentina Shevchenko. (at the time of interview was not yet known that the most titled Ukrainian skier has dropped out in Pyeongchang – Primas’.A. S.)

Six. I’d invite to dinner OLE Einar Bjoerndalen. The man never ceases to amaze me. At this age finding inspiration, motivation and strength to show good results…

Seven. I do wonder, especially biathlon and hockey, and even Curling and bobsleigh.

Eight. Everyone who knows me, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Mother, when I run, often go to another room, can’t look at a TV screen is experiencing. Even when I participated in Junior tournaments, I ski gave (my mom is also a coach), watched me start and went somewhere. Then after the finish he came back and learned the result.

Nine. Cross – country skiing is primarily a high speed. There are collision and falling, for us, of course, pleasant enough, but the audience – like. Now generally the policy of the international Federation aims to make our sport more attractive for TV coverage, and therefore more spectacular. And then in my opinion always interesting to watch how the other person works, so why not to watch as he works on the track in Pyeongchang. (Smiles.)

Anastasiya MERKUSHYNA:



One. Childhood dream!

Two. Can’t remember to be honest. For some reason I never was interesting sport on TV. The adults looked hurt, and I even like his Mama, no memories.

Three. The first time I visited the country in 2009 with the Dream program. It is an international program under which future athletes from all over the world travel to Korea. What was memorable? Snowboard, food, not to say that tasty, but unusual, distinctive culture. We did many of the museums visited. And just at that time was like the world Championships. And it was there that I first time watched a live race, it was the men’s relay. And then I waited for a big surprise. Dad, knowing that I’m at the stadium, called the friends of service commands the national team of Norway. And all Golden four Norwegian Emil Hegle Svendsen, Lars Berger, Halvar Hanevold and OLE Einar Bjoerndalen approached me to be photographed. It was very nice and unexpected.

Four. Like who? Me, of course. (Laughs.) First the youngest, and secondly they know the language, of course English – not Korean. “Go ask, well you know how” – very often we hear this.

Five. I would actually prefer that it was not an athlete, but if athletic, it is not in contention for the medals. I confess, a little superstitious. The opening ceremony is an extra emotional burden, not to mention the fact that the leaders, in principle, as a rule, it does not go, because there are likely to develop a hundred to one.

Six. Let it be tarjei boe.

Seven. From a purely professional point of view, I’d like to see the ski race, to see Johannes, Clebo. I cannot imagine how in this age to escape. And if for the soul, then figure skating.

Eight. The coolest fans I have in Ternopil. Mom recently told me that her girl was doing. So, when’s the last time the race ran, she bows beat, as in the Church. So my country’s support and even pray for me. Actually, I think that look is much harder than running. Because when you run, it all depends on you, you can make a change. And when you sit at the screen, can only is.

Nine. Biathlon is a sport where you never know who will win, the situation changes with every shot. It’s all very beautiful and interesting, like in a fairy tale, and each time it’s new.

Andrew MANZI:



One. These are the main competitions of the fourth anniversary

Two. The first thing that comes to mind is the opening of the Olympic games in salt lake city in 2002. Fireworks, Olympic rings, everything sparkles, in General, a complete sense of celebration. I’m sorry that I missed the opening of Sochi. And most likely will not get in Korea. Because the Luge usually start the morning after the ceremony. But it goes to eleven hours, until you get to the village will be for about two nights. Just don’t have time to sleep before the competition.

Three. From most countries any special impressions left. In Seoul we saw only from the bus window. Skyscrapers, a fairly developed city center – basically beautiful. But the hotel in which we lived was very far away from all this luxury, you could say he was in the middle of the field. Around the gardens where the locals something thrown and collected.

Four. I would open the smartphone and on the map looked where to go. Because to ask directions from the local population useless. The impression that foreign language in Korean schools do not teach. There are people who speak English almost perfectly, but they are five percent. The others know only one word “Hello”.

Five. Olena Pidhrushna – she is my compatriot and Olympic champion. It seems to me a more worthy candidate for the role of standard-bearer hard to find.

Six. I have my girl asked, even though she’s not star of winter sports, but for me the best company.

Seven. 15 February in the evening we rolled back the relay, and the next morning fly to Ukraine. So we have Anton Docucam will have a chance to see is that competitions in other disciplines of the Luge, to support colleagues in the team – Helen Steckel, Elena Shumova and deuce Alexander Obolonya and Roman Zacharkiw. In Sochi, however, was even steeper, we finished the competition at nine in the evening, and at ten we were waiting for the bus to the airport. And actually, I would like to see hockey, biathlon and skeleton. The more there will be to join our Vlad Geraskevich, which for the first time in the history of Ukraine won in this sport, a ticket to the Olympics.

Eight. Family, friends, country. On the broadcast of the world Cup I usually throw the parents a link to the Internet, but the Olympics, I think, the TV will show. So it’s not required.

Nine. Luge – the fastest sport on ice, quite extreme. It only looks that everything is stable, and in fact nothing of the sort, you are on a thread from the start to the finish.



(ski race

One. Every Olympics is a precious experience that teaches a lot in sport, and beyond. There are punctures – without this in any way. Because it is life and we must take it as it is.

Two. Remember running Iryna Taranenko-Teres and Gennady Nikon Nagano-1998. And I looked at them with those eyes and with such inspiration. Will come after training on the couch lie down (I was already doing cross-country skiing), and I think, Gee it would be at least once on the Olympics to get into. A dream come true as much as four times.

Three. I happened to be at the world University games in China. It was very cold, and somehow I think that will also be in Korea. And there was the snow with sand. And as our trainers are not conjured, romance still did not go. I hope that the Olympic route would be better.

Four. Team captain Alexei Krasovsky. He has the most advanced and knowledgeable, find their way everywhere.

Five. I would suggest that our biathletes Yelena Pidgrushnoy, sisters Semerenko Julia Jim or. It seems to me that the flag should carry someone from the Olympic Champions.

Six. I would have gladly sat at dinner with a Twisted and Valya Semerenko. Chatted, talked, laughed. And I would invite our General first coach Svetlana Ivanovna Canoe. We all she had to do ski racing started.

Seven. I like hockey, snowboard, of course – biathlon, it seems to me all love, and I really want to live to watch figure skating.

Eight. Mom, dad, son, husband, and his parents. I think everyone will be on the phone to sit, to phone, to broadcast not to miss. There is still the time difference to consider.

Nine. See ski racing, our sport is very interesting, we really don’t often get into the frame, but we promise to do our best and give you a bunch of positive emotions.



(figure skating

One. It is the purpose of my life for which I still remained in the sport.

Two. I’m afraid a year won’t remember, because I was very small. But it was when my parents were watching figure skating on TV, I fell in love with this sport. And persuaded them to take me to the rink. And raved I was a pair figure skating. And when I was twelve, I first became a couple. I loved doing the emissions, it was interesting to train the parallel jumping. But it is very difficult, where you are not only responsible for themselves. And five years later I still realized that I was better alone.

Three. I was already in Korea. In 2011, there was held the Junior world championship. So I have some ideas about this country. There’s a lot of snow and cloudy weather, at least then the sun rarely visited us. And yet there is a quiet kind people who all the while bowing and not words don’t know English.

Four. I will do it myself. (Smiles.)

Five. I think you need to choose one of those athletes that have been raised on the Olympic podium, that is, of the biathletes.

Six. Probably, the Spaniard Javier Fernandez. I really like how he rides and I would like to know how he did it. I think his experience and knowledge I could use.

Seven. I’ll be very happy if I will have the opportunity at least for some competitions to get to Pyeongchang. I wonder everything! Especially Luge – he’s very exciting and intriguing.

Eight. All relatives, friends, acquaintances, and even friends of friends. (Laughs.) The only thing I will ask my mom to she watched the live broadcast. Want – not want, but a mother and her child are connected. And when she’s going through, I passed. Dad can be. (Smiles.)

Nine. Figure skating is not just a sport, what we do on the ice, borders on art. And harmony and beauty, it seems to me, any person a pleasure to watch.

Alexander OBOLOCHEK:



One. This is the life, the incentive, and the crazy scale of the event, which nothing can compare. For me it will be already the second Olympic games, the first was in Sochi. There we passed two stable arrival and everything we needed was made.

Two. It was the 2006 Olympic games in Turin. Experience with color negative because just remember the fall of our deuces Oleg Zherebetskyi and Roman Yazvinskoe. Natalia Yakushenko, too, then fell down and could not continue to participate in competitions. I at that time was engaged in Luge sports, so watched not just as a fan, and with knowledge of the matter.

Three. Imagine a village, in the midst of the sixteen-storey five-star hotel, and there is nothing else around. But we in addition to the hotel and tracks more than anything ever seen.

Four. I think we will deal with. More or less normal English in our team speak three athletes – Andrew Manzi, Roman Zacharkiw and Anton Dukach. I think they would have decided this question.

Five. I believe that any athlete who won an Olympic worthy to bear the flag of Ukraine. Importantly, it developed beautifully and you can see it was good. You can do the standard-bearer my partner Zacharkiw rum, after all it would be the third Olympic games.

Six. I’m already married, so another girl on the dinner invite would not be very correct on my part. Man? What kind of dinner this would be for two men. (Laughs.)

Seven. In Sochi, we came to figure skating. I cool to this sport was concerned, but when I saw live pairs competition, was impressed. With pleasure would look at them and Pyeongchang.

Eight. The whole family, all friends. The wife quietly watches my races, but my mother and grandmother’s eyes screwed up. And the Pope himself was involved in Luge sports, he every of my performance analyses, and then together we analyze mistakes.

Nine. Very extreme sport, it can be compared with Formula 1. The sleigh as the car made individually for each athlete and depends on them very much. And it is interesting to look at the fall. No, to fall not very nice, to put it mildly. But, even more impressive than when the athlete is exactly spends his arrival. Of course, when something serious happens, with the risk to life, there is no place for jokes.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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