Olympics 2018: Modesty thirties

Pyeongchang-gun. Tatiana ANTIPENKO. Photo: noc-ukr.org

38th place Tatiana Antipenko drew a line under the most unfortunate in the history of Ukrainian ski racing Games.

Yesterday with a convincing victory of Marit bjoergen in the 30-kilometer classic marathon has completed the program of competitions in skiing at the Games in 2018.

The Norwegian won eight gold and up to the level of the skier Bjorn Delhi and biathlete OLE-Einar Bjoerndalen became the most decorated athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics. His eminent countrymen, it has bypassed the number of silver and bronze.

The only representative of Ukraine in this kind of program Tatiana Antipenko, behind the winner Marit bjoergen almost 16 minutes, becoming the 38th, showed the best result of the Ukrainian skiers in the individual race at the Games in Pyeongchang. We will remind that earlier in interview “SE” the 36-year-old athlete from Sumy said that this is the fourth and last Olympics of her career.

A day earlier, on the 50th place, finished the race on the 50 km mass start classic style Alexey Krasovsky. Higher in the individual program our men in this competition to rise failed. Note that the 23-year-old athlete from Shostka for the first time to fully overcome marathon. The first attempt at the world Championships in Falun in 2015 turned out to be unsuccessful. The weather was bad, after forty kilometers Alexei started cramping and he fizzled. Close to surrender, he was in Korea

– Very hard on the last kilometers, – admitted Alexey Krasovsky in an interview with UA First – the Muscle has a cramp, had to endure. With regard to overall performance at the Olympics, like in the first sprint it is better to run. Maybe somewhere in the training we do not the way it should work. I am 23 years old, I hope this is not my last Olympics. In ski racing rush comes to thirty years. There is work to do.

Let me say that Krasovskii almost unique in the current Ukrainian national team representative of the generation born in the mid-90s. His peers in the protocols of national competitions practically not to find, over – equipped, under – the same, but the age, for which the peak would have to be the next Olympics in Beijing in 2022, in fact, no. This is not to mention the fact that the peak we still need to put, and we have to have proper conditions there. And some of the efforts of the coaches, the desire and the patience of athletes as once again demonstrated by the Olympics in Korea, enough to even compete with the second and third in ski racing echelon countries.

Since 1994 Lillehammer, there was not one of the Olympics where the Ukrainian skier has never been in the Top 20. In Pyeongchang 2018 was set to record, if not in quantitative terms (in 1994 we were represented by only one Irina Taranenko-Teres, now four – besides the above mentioned Tatiana Antipenko and Alexey Krasovsky, also Marina Antsibor and Andrey Orlik), then the qualitative. 38th place Tatiana Antipenko in the marathon drew a line under the most unfortunate in the history of Ukrainian ski racing Games.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

24 Feb. Men. Mass start 50 km (K). 1. Niskanen (Finland) – 2:08.22,1. 2. Bolshunov – a gap of 18.7. 3. Stalls (both Egypt) – 2.37,5. 4. Harvey (Canada) – 2.43,6. 5. Sundby – 2.43,7. 6. Holon (both – Norway) – 2.50,1. 7. Rickardsson (Sweden) – 3.50,4. 8. Yaksh (Czech Republic) – 4.10,5… 50. KRASOVSKY (Ukraine) 17.14,3.

25 Feb. Women. Mass start 30 km (K). 1. Bjoergen* – 1:22.17,6. 2. Pharmacoki (Finland) – 1.49,5. 3. Nilsson (Sweden) – 1.58,9. 4. Ostberg (Norway) – 2.00,4. 5. Kalla (Sweden) – 2.57,2. 6. Niskanen (Finland) – 3.01,6. 7. Diggins (USA) – 3.37,2. 8. Weng (Norway) – 4.07,9… 38. ANTIPENKO (Ukraine) – 15.59,7.

* champion ZOE-2014.

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