Olympics 2018: Medals “comma-separated” stuff for tomorrow

Alexander ABRAMENKO received the first congratulations from the coach of the national team Enver ABLAEV. Photo: noc-ukr.org

Explorer “SE” tried to put together the preliminary results of the recently completed winter Olympics in the South Korean Peninsula.

Result for envoys of Ukraine, not spoiled regalia in six previous attempts, seems to be satisfactory. But a shiny gold flight of the freestyler Alexander Abramenko not allowed to rise us above the 21st line of the medal ranking-2018.


All launched under the blue-and-yellow flag of the athletes is logical to arrange the five “baskets”.

1. Those who first qualified for the Olympics and reached the frontiers close to the favorites. Here, perhaps, we will note, first of all, athletes Vladislav Geraskevich. In his 19 years, the guy was twelfth in such extreme discipline.

2. Those who have seriously improved their personal numbers in comparison with the previous cycle, but in the dispute of the giants has not intervened. The idea is that it doeberitz Viktor Pasichnyk.

3. Debutants winter Games, lost skills, but knowing its hidden reserves for the future. My version – skaters, dancers Alexandra Nazarova/Maxim Nikitin, singles Chichenkov Anna and Yaroslav Panic, then Tatiana Petrova (Mogul as an option freestyle). Skiers Olga Knysh and Ivan Kovbasiuk, cheredovanie full Alpine descents with unfortunate similarities also derive useful lessons.

4. Athletes, or those in the same long lines or significantly reduce the results. Perhaps, this is the proportion of skiers, most of Luge and biathlon. Alas, will have to carry at a given discharge Olga Polyuk in acrobatic freestyle and annamari Dance in snowboarding, even though they where no luck.

5. For dessert, of course, our hero Alexander Abramenko. Firstly, it is necessary to trace someone from the elite of the freestyle he pushed in close dispute “on the landing”. Yes, just – all the elite! Second, the man was walking a long a dozen years with the Turin-2006. This is a unique traverse, where cost is more significant 125 thousand dollars in prize money. Finally, he rescued from oblivion a squad of our members, reminding the world that the phenomena in Ukraine is always there.


The least rewarding occupation for our brother reporter these days is to sum up the performances of Ukrainian athletes. And to me exactly as I am not a referent of the sport among the editorial staff. But to get around a special emphasis, as one would say in the old days, party sport, the author of these lines does not make it right.

It is clear that the seventh of our time for the mixed relay is not the score, for which so many seasons was preparing for a cohort of participants in Pyeongchang 2018. However, this place, anyway, was the best at “shooting skiers” with a Trident on the form, and generally in the delegation – the second after the gold medal Sasha Abramenko. Apparently, the high standard set forth by the women’s Quartet in the previous Games, automatically made now any narisoval the result – losing. Another question – why do guys initially looked average, finished the relay in its ninth, and beautiful floor – already the eleventh, require serious debriefing.

I confess, the quick answer is not known to me, and does it exist? I stand outside the brackets is not objectively perfect as Elena Pidhrushna (remember – captain of the gold team in 2014), but the other ladies why not run down, and loops are not always “caught”! The most vexing is that the visible prerequisites for such an outcome was not observed. I’m not too lazy to flip through the publication of “SE” pre-Olympic time. So, in the report of the 5th world Cup in Ruhpolding (and it was some six weeks ago) my colleague Sergey Datsenko with a sense of humor noted that “some canadian Rosanna Crawford” interrupted Yulia Jim to take possession of a Small crystal globe. Here, it turns out what was discussed! In the end, from Kiev in the record book individual races finished second, missing only the Belarusian Hope Scardino. And Valj Semerenko in the registry came next – on the fourth line.

What we saw in Korea? Jim relatively well overcome your relay segment, but girlfriend looked less confident. Valentina, are simply not put on this kind of, which resulted, as you know, the whole jumble in social networks. However, thank you – I will not pull these little grievances and whims. There is, or should be within their kitchens, or ask each of the characters in the story to speak frankly, at least after a while. Not sure I want to…

In turn, the girls brilliantly denied and forecasts, and betting. Moreover, if Scardino, as well as about Irina Krivko and especially Darya Domracheva we knew a lot of “before” that, say, Dinara Alimbekova became clear I was already on the podium. You know, you say – it must be imported? And you couldn’t. Metric Yes – was born in Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, but at the age of three his parents moved to Chausy, Mogilev. There the girl got up on skis, to this day indicate in the questionnaire the coaches Chepikova Maria and Andrey Ivanov. But the most fun, its the top result in the Cup competitions in the adult biathlon is… 33rd place in sprint.

So, the secret team takeoff lies in the under-go-tov-ke! Which includes, of course, the aura of the collective in everyday life and holidays. Our neighbours from the banks of the Neman, also happened in different ways. For example, coaches of the men’s team was withdrawn shortly before departure. Here at women since the day when German Klaus Siebert was replaced by Fedor Freedom, no sign of turbulence during the whole Olympic cycle. The result – a victory. Absolutely not intend to oppose “them” and us. Although replicas have communicated, say, to get 11-th position – was it worth it to hire professionals from other countries such as Slovakia-Slovenia?

Here, even more significant history with Sweden, which was not afraid to call as if disgraced, if you take his Russian Odyssey, Wolfgang Pichler. The man who was 63 years old, produced from “Tre Kronor” for a couple of years of work, natural sensation. Four women won penchansky tracks silver, men’s – sensational relay gold. Plus two personal awards, but in the reverse range. You will object – so they have what base and how much money!

At one point, to hesitate to agree. For the second bet. The first person sports tutorial, to address both our biathlon teams to sing to the tune of “cats” Oscar Line: “Skiing and ammunition, abroad the slopes, premium ton I didn’t get?”. However, we the organizers of the process ask – guess you, gentlemen, with the selection of coaches or not?


So, the only gold in the asset Ukraine has climbed into the top 20. In contrast, five other national teams taking silver and bronze. In such cases, there is the dilemma of “to praise can not be punished”. Without the victory of Nikolaev snow acrobat, that and look, began to find the perpetrators, often confined to Fox hunting (witches, monsters – junk please cross out). Not convinced that is reasonable. After all, the radical call to change the relevant Minister, and someone to disperse the sports Department. In principle, it is not difficult to put the world Federation of physical societies and regional management. I have had such considerations debunk. Imagine, losing the Norwegians first step of the General classification of Germany, king Harald V was forced to abdicate! Or in Germany: it is good that the titles of the Olympics, the “Bundes” draw with Norway, and Frau Angela Merkel will not have to dissolve the government.

And avoiding jokes, make us think, what are the main shortcomings on the road to Pyeongchang. But based on the fact that 26 sovereign years lived in sports. By the way, our very first winter medalist Valentina Tserbe-nesina, seeing your photo of Olympic Lillehammer in room “SE” for 11 January, called with amusing clarification. They say that modern romance in her arms was a few minutes before the ceremony “allowed to hold” an employee of the company-manufacturer. To fit the event into the frame. And started she from Priluki in the distance Games 1994 in borrowed from the then Junior Nina Lemesh couple acquired part of the equipment due to found in Chernihiv region funds. However, then firmachi supplied Zerbe Madame gift set. Writing this because today, fortunately, the leaders of the team such problems is unthinkable.

Of of the poker directions – training techniques, medical and biological aspect of psychology, the infrastructure would start with the extreme. We desperately needed a real Olympic winter types by analogy with summer Koncha Zaspa. Say each polonyna in the Carpathians have actually privatized. Yes, this reconstruction will draw millions and millions of hryvnia. Not find them? Well, then do not be offended by “far” cells protocols. And punctuation – they are not enough for us to put in the right place sayings about guilt. We must seek out and support new talent so tomorrow through the comma list of the coin.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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