Olympics 2018: Kuzmina won the gold medal in the mass start

Anastasiya Kuzmina. Photo: Reuters

Anastasiya Kuzmina, representing Slovakia won Olympic gold in Pyeongchang mass start.

For her, it is the third gold at the third Games in a row.

At the Olympics the 2018 she already has three medals – she previously won silver in individual race and the pursuit race.

Second went to Belarusian Darya Domracheva.

Three was closed by the Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff.

Ukrainian Valentina Semerenko, with one penalty took the 19th place, losing 2 minutes and 16 seconds.

Vita Semerenko, with three penalties in the third line, finished 24th (+3.02 a 3).


Pyeongchang (Korea)

XXIII Olympic winter games


Mass start 12.5 km

1. Anastasia Kuzmina (Slovakia) – 35.23,0 (1 EA. round)

2. Darya Domracheva (Belarus) – a gap of 18.8 (1)

3. Tiril Eckhoff (Norway) To 27.7 (2)

4. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) – 45,6 (2)

5. Hanna Öberg (Sweden) – 46,5 (1)

6. Dorothea Wierer (ITA) Of 47.3 (1).

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