Olympics 2018: Korean sketches

Olympic composition in Pyeongchang. Photo: Yuri GOLYAK, “SE”

Olympic report Explorer “SE”.


from Kanina

The press center of coughs and sneezes in every way. Not everyone went through the opening ceremony without a loss – and now toiling. Think it gathered in one place of the old convicts to remember the Golden days. There, the poor lady was trembling. Not for nothing, Oh, no wonder got the cunning Chinese on the bus of the hotel towels. Wrapped, put in sweaters. Immediately fell asleep, snoring heavily.

– Am I a fool to sit to the end? – looks at the way a colleague. – Went to the press center and searched there. Along at the TV.

Oh, no, this is not our way. If we reached the end of the earth, this Pyeongchang, too, and the powder should smell. Powder and let loose the organizers to be healthy. So fireworks painted the sky in Ulaanbaatar to be seen. Is TV it will give?

Even after the ice of his release become like a decorative man – no problem. But got overwhelmed, had seen enough.

Departed after the ceremony day, they started like the Estonian. But to imitate – and enough conscience need to know.


Everyone has their own Olympics – someone freezes to the snow on the biathlon, stiff fingers something scratching in the notebook. But some of the photographers going to the sea. There on the beach Gyeongpo detects the festival Fire Art Festa. Some strange objects. Filmed with a soul, that I immediately write in the notebook: yeah, festival, beach… Find used only free morning. Closer to closure.

The wind howls around our tower No. 611. It seems that even a rush – will pick up, take away somewhere to the blue mountains. Besides the “Archstoyanie” at sea coast. But in the 15th floor, that’s nothing. Our colleagues from the “Russian newspaper” climbed even higher. How ears – scary to imagine.

The night of Pyeongchang and Gangneung promerium to the bone. I learned to wrap up so that only her eyes were visible to the world: clap clap… feel cold all. Afraid to look at naked men at the entrance to the press centre – even though they are made of steel. Koreans call them “people-bullets”, our brave little brigade was nicknamed the “Galushkami”. Well, let them. Genitals fashioned too realistic – even the French, which is no surprise, looking ashamed. Coming up, of course, sneak a look askance and turn pink…


Each has its own Olympics. Mine was pretty fun. The first day notice in the dark sky of the airship. No one before him no, and I’m looking at. Be the only journalist who saw the airship Park. In the dead of night, somehow stealthily pulled the three of us tied next to the bulldozer. That did not fly, did not choose freedom, like chess Korchnoi. The next morning again hovering over the biathlon complex. Nod to him as an old friend…

Koreans are the nicest people. Ready to go with you to the end of the world. Failure is not in anything. At the opening ceremony strictly checked the tickets of each correspondent. Is there an inscription “with a table”. If there are – welcome at the table. If not… well. Sit wherever you’d like.

Koreans not getting through anything. Even the most desperate portraits of Kim Jong-UN tear before the Olympic village somehow exponentially, respectful, and so, hardly wincing, take police a club on the ridge. Knew what was going on.


Robot vacuum cleaner and really admirable – not only that cleans everything up, including your shoes. Another and loudly singing along. According to the Olympic schedule. I think this cleaner smarter and more significant to me. My memory ran out while trying to memorize the Korean three-storied “thank you.” “Gangneung-si” in English-it is written so that do not immediately guess. And when the girl-volunteer put on a piece of paper in Korean the name of my hotel, slightly on the pavement sat down. It’s not letters, it’s a cover of “Funny pictures”. Or “Dancing men” by sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Pacing Cannino – one pleasure. Here come one by one people in orange bikes is a Dutch delegation brought along to the edge of the world. Rides to the Olympic Park. No, the buses do not need them. Yes, even before Pyeongchang will fly, no problem.

I take pictures – and they are waving their hands on the go, rejoice. Not throwing a crazy speed. Only add. Three days had passed from all these travels was formed in the figure some shape. Soon I will be like the Dutch.

And the hottest here – Canadians. Moreover, in the Olympic village right at the entrance of a mounted deer and a hockey goal, so more around town hang their flags. Where the window sticks out, where on a pine were attached.

By the way, about dogs. To be in Korea and not write about the dogs is a challenge to society. I hasten to report: if cats in Kannyn not at all, the two dogs met.

Everything here is like a miracle. Even the Olympic torch in Kannyn such that it was worth going for him alone. Sculpted white men clamber back to the mouth. Looks fantastic. The camera in the line up – just to shoot a story on the background…

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