Olympics 2018: Korean gold

Olympic champion and Pyeongchang 2018’s Alpine skiing and snowboarding Esther LEDEZMA. Photo: Reuters

Winter Olympics swept a real whirlwind giving a lot of sensationalism and Hollywood stories.

“SE” gives the most vivid characters Pyeongchang.

Recently the may edition of the known planet the New York Times put on its front page on Facebook flight of Alexander Abramenko. Let’s not overestimate the importance of this recognition: most likely, lead pages, read by 15 million people, just like the beauty of the frame, hovering in flight, man.

But the fact of the matter is that gold jump Abramenko looks fantastic and humdrum, and for a professional look.

“Frankly, if in the first months of rehab after the injury I was told that I would be Olympic champion, I wouldn’t believe,” says the athlete. After the injury in the shortest time to return to the top level and show the result, which never was before – that any professional athlete could only dream of.

Besides the usual “experience the son of errors difficult” it is necessary to note one more thing: Abramenko was on every jump as the last in his career. Before the Olympics he was talking about a possible retirement in the case of poor performance. All the more prosaic: money in sports a little, and in the previous three Games he never got into the main final. But the opportunity of a lifetime Abramenko used the full. Jump with a tricky title “full-full-double full” made happy all of Ukraine.


From Martin Fourcade special relationship with the Olympic games. The great Dominator, the man having broken all the important records of the biathlon world Cup, the main event of four years suddenly showed vulnerability. The loss in Sochi, in a photo finish to Swensen, many offensive mistakes and failures…

So this time Fourcade incredible eighteen races in a row to Pyeongchang finished in the top three, and in his first competition in Korea, he missed three times and broke the super series.

But if you look at the problem Fourcade and Olympic games from a different angle, we see that he’s still top medals in the last two tournaments. Just Martin himself endless victories lifted the bar so high that it inevitably waiting for the unearthly level and in Olympic races. He is the only one which could seriously expect to win on all starts of the whole stage and about two or three victories in six races who can speak with the prefix “only”.

The competition in Pyeongchang Martin finished in the status of five-time Olympic champion. Incredibly gifted by nature, the Frenchman in recent years pulled more and shooting, becoming the perfect contestant. In competition with BAA Junior Junior Fourcade especially convincingly demonstrated who is who.

A brilliant comeback in the mixed relay, a breakthrough in the pursuit and won the photo-finish mass start – more wins in Pyeongchang won one. Like the roughness penalty loop in relay conventional write as a confession that he is human after all.


“Impossible is a big word, behind which lurk the little people”. Esther Ledezma once again proved the truth of the words of Mohammed Ali, having achieved what other athletes have long ceased even to dream.

Growing up in a sports family (his mother Esther was a figure skater and a hockey player father) in the Czech Republic, have linked their lives with a snowboard. In this case Ledecky everything was great, was 19 when she began to get into the top three at the prestigious tournaments… But this girl was not enough. In parallel, she has been engaged in mountain skiing, claimed the visit to Sochi, but even in the Czech selection was ninth.

However, Ledecky continued to do both sports, failing to qualify for the Olympics and as a snowboarder and as a skier. In Pyeongchang, the impossible happened: she won gold medals in both types! Victory in the ski super-g was so unexpected that the Czech did not have time to paint before the press conference. As a result, she (that’s really the height of spontaneity) to give a “Golden” interview came right at the ski glasses…

Earlier in the same Winter Olympics to win two different types of managed only for issues related to this to the Hauge in 1924 and Johan Grettumsbroten in 1928, according to statistics. Given the degree of development of the Olympics with that time and space the increasing competition, we can say: in fact Esther was the first who managed to succeed in two different types at such a high level.

Czech still easy to communicate: “My plans? I’m coming home, lie in bed and sleep”. She’s only 22, in front of a large part of his career. And the Olympics in Beijing will be in the context Ledecky beckon, not only with the words, “win a medal”, but “how many species will go.”


Aliona Savchenko went to gold medal the Olympics all my life. Great parnica, it’s like she lit up the ice with the aesthetics of dance is extremely Jumpy, technically, just very bright. Genius brought Alena five victories at the world Championships, but winning the main tournament in figure skating all the time did not work out. It seemed the last chance had erased Robin Silk, collapsed on the ice in Sochi.

In Pyeongchang Savchenko was driving when she believed no one. The change of partner in 31 years, nothing has not previously sought, Bruno Musso in pair – in the end, to win at least one world Cup or European Alena with him failed. But the experience and strong character girl effect at the right time. Performance in the team tournament as a combat warm-up, a good short dance (with a Mass error) and absolutely brilliant free program.

Even on the main start-up rarely come across such a combination of sophistication and perfection.

It is difficult to imagine that Allen had to go on the way to the gold. Growing up in a poor family Obukhov, Savchenko had every day for nine years to go to Kiev by bus, as could not afford rent. An attempt to prove himself with the best Ukrainian greenhouse Stanislav Morozov, moving to Germany, offensive failures with a Silk and the triumph of the curtain career…

With all due respect to Mass, the merit of this victory is 90 percent owned by Savchenko. So I think not only in Ukraine.


Will list of the people who come to start with the concentrated persons, the person for whom the Olympics is just another tournament. American Shaun white is a man whose name in the West became a symbol of the sport of snowboarding. His achievements in the halfpipe and slopestyle incredible, his record already seem eternal.

Like many colleagues, white does not consider the Olympics a major tournament in my life. He respects more X-Games – competitions, enjoying in the West is immense popularity, and appeared to (most of the disciplines well before) the inclusion of snowboarding in the Olympics.

White is forced to forget that snowboard – sport teenagers. While in other competitions, winning the Millennials like a 17-year-old Chloe Kim and Redmond Gerard, Shawn was able to win the competition at the halfpipe in the fourth ten. This gold medal was his third, after similar success in Turin and Vancouver. Perhaps, now the question is, who is the best snowboarder in history can be closed.

Although… In the West it has long been closed, not focusing on any tournaments held every four years.


But to call the main character of the Olympics any one person will not work. It just so happened that the real winners Pyeongchang were people who have worked together. The Swedish national team on biathlon has shown the canonical example of how to prepare for one, the main start.

Coach Wolfgang Pichler said in an interview: “We trained in √∂stersund, creating the same route as in Pyeongchang. Did not go to the world Cup in Anterselva, instead, was prepared there. The track was a copy of the Olympic, she also coincide in wind characteristics. The approach to the shooting range is also similar. This is one of our secrets.”

The Swedes had a task to Shine on a specific competition, but perhaps even fans of biathlon “Tre kronor” could not count on such a result. Five returned from Korea to the rank of Olympic Champions, three were content with silver medals!

Pichler can now afford frankness: in the halls he played for all. A name for himself he made in the last century, leading to victories at the world Cup Swede Magdalena Forsberg and Anna-Karin Oloffson. In Russian national team the same sparkle he has failed press thoroughly poisoned Wolfgang for what he was quoted races the Russians only in the top 15.

Back in Sweden, has rejuvenated the team, ideally led her to the Olympics and our neighbors so at the level of “top 15” and left.

But to associate the success of these Swedes only Pichler will not work. The point is that one material developments experienced trainer worked, whereas others do not. 20-year-old Sebastian Samuelsson and 22-year-old Hanna öberg before the Olympics never held in the individual race places above fifth Рthat did not stop Hannah winning the individual race, and Sebastian to take second place in the pursuit and become one of the winners of the relay.

Fans of the biathlon national team of Sweden now can only envy. Pyeongchang for her – not only brilliant victories, but, apparently, the beginning of a long journey. Swedish biathletes are better players – where is it?

Oberg, Samuelsson and likely Anna Magnusson, Linn Persson, Beppe Femling, Jesper nelin will be under the supervision of experienced and competent specialist of the Federation to grow and to fight for the medals – well, millions are lucky to see the lighting of the stars…

Vitaly PASICHNY, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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