Olympics 2018: Japanese woman won the gold medal on a distance of 500 meters

Nao Kodaira. Photo: Reuters

Japanese speed skater Nao Kodaira won Olympic gold in Pyeongchang at the distance of 500 meters.

Second place went to the Korean Lee sang-Hwa.

Bronze – Czechs Carolina Urbanboy.


Pyeongchang (Korea)

XXIII Olympic winter games


500 m

1. Nao Kodaira (Japan) Is 36,94

2. Lee Sang-Hwa (Korea) – Of 37.33

3. Carolina Erbanova (Czech Republic) Is 37,34

4. Vanessa Duke (Austria) – Of 37.51

5. Brittany Bowe (USA) – 37,530

6. Hjørring Ter Mors (Netherlands) – 37,539

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