Olympics 2018: Japanese double

Saturday. Pyeongchang-gun. Yuzuru the HAN. Photo: Reuters

Male single staged a Grand battle for the Olympic medals.

The lead after the short program, captured the Olympic champion Sochi, world champion Japanese Yuzuru the Han.

According to the most popular figure skater in the world, he began to jump after the injury only two weeks ago. The Han got the rental, which in their perception were comparable to those made on the eve of Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Mass in the pairs competitions the day before.

A quadruple Salchow, a triple Axel, a cascade of Tulupov 4+3 in the second half of the program – hopping set was executed flawlessly. Well, the rotation and track, as well as all the transitions of the Japanese has always been at the highest level. 111,68 – quite a bit of the Han has not held up their fall world record.

Behind him in the short program, settled by Spaniard Javier Fernandez, Japanese Catfish UNO and Chinese Jin boyang. The latter exactly the same content, like Aliyev, ended up with 4.5 points higher. That’s the magic of the last workout.

But this magic did not help one of the contenders for the medals to American Nathan Chen. The only male figure skater, which owns all of the quadruple jumps, did nothing. Including a triple Axel.

Already after the short program it was clear that the Han is the main contender for the gold. He just needed to skate without gross errors, its difficult in any program, very intense in the second half. The Japanese could do it. He fought for every jump, pulled out of the complex provisions of the trips, but did. Yuzuru made four quadruple jump.

The Han fought and did not fall out of the image. Although after hire Yuzuru, it became clear that he is also a man, not a celestial of some kind. He only had to wait for the rental main competitors – Javier Fernandez and Catfish DNA.

The Spaniard rode beautifully and components in the end we got almost the same as the Han. But the struggle for gold it is clearly not enough. On the other hand, with two quadruple jumps (the third he sdol) Javier after his hire guaranteed himself a medal in the Olympics.

What is solved UNO. Hire tiny Japanese with the exception of the fall with the first Quad Lutz was gorgeous. When a person in the fourth minute makes two quadruple jump, one of them in cascade, and two of the cascade 3+3, this is just gorgeous. Soma earned his silver, and Fernandez – his bronze.

The Han after the rental of UNO cried. Yeah, he’s just a man. But a great man.

What did any 18-year-old American Nathan Chen – feat. He hasn’t lost this season in any tournament in which he participated. But came to the Olympics and where is it? Ripped short program in the team tournament didn’t prevent team USA to win the bronze medal, and ripped short in the individual event dropped him from 17 th place. The only skater in the world, which takes five different quads.

In any program Chen jumped six (!), six jumps in four turns in one program. Two toe loop and flip, one Salihova and Lutz. And only on the second flip he made a mistake, to resist from falling by tapping the ice with his hand. Of the triple jumps he was just Axel, flip and Salchow. Chen received from the judges 215,08 points, of which 127,64 for equipment. His personal record was exceeded by 11 points. Winning with a huge margin in any program, he eventually left the fifth…

Andrew SHETIHIN, Sport-Express

16 Feb. Men. Short program. 1. The Han (Japan) – 111,68. 2. Fernandez (Spain) – 107,58. 3. UNO (Japan) – 104,17. 4. Jin Boyang (China) – 103,32. 5. Aliyev (SAR) – 98,98. 6. Chan (Canada) – 90,01. 7. Rippon (USA) – 87,95. 8. Kolyada (SAR) – 86,69… 30. PANIC (Ukraine) – 46,58.

17 Feb. Men. Free program. 1. Chen (USA) – 215,08. 2. The Han – 206,17. 3. UNO – 202,73. 4. Fernandez – 197,66. 5. Jin Dupe – 194,45. 6. Zhou 192,16. 7. Kolyada 177,56. 8. Chan – 173,42.

Summary. 1. The Han – 317,85. 2. UNO – 306,90. 3. Fernandez – 305,24. 4. Jin Dupe – 297,77. 5. Chen – 297,35. 6. Zhou 276,69. 7. Aliev 267,51. 8. Kolyada 264,25.

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