Olympics 2018: is Quite successful debut

Thursday. Pyeongchang-gun. Vladislav GERASKEVICH. Photo: Reuters

Yesterday on a Luge stadium “Alpensia” in Pyeongchang, the debut of our country at the Olympics in skeleton.

And this pioneer was the youngest among all the 30 participants of the competition among men 19-year-old Vladislav Geraskevich of the Dnieper.

Note that the pupil of his father and trainer Michael Geraskevich not just, as they say, left the room, and dared to fight an experienced and well-known opponents, showing in the first race of the 14-th result in the second – 15 minutes.

Besides, Vladislav in these descents lost their winner and twice updating the record to the chief favorite of the tournament, the Korean Sungbin Yoon, who is a world Cup winner this season and a silver medalist of the world championship in 2016, very little is respectively of 0.98 and 1.09 seconds.

The amount of time the two races Geraskevich is a 15-th position, that now, in the middle of battles, can be called a successful debut. And there is every reason to hope that Vladislav also will participate successfully in today’s third descent and fall among the twenty finalists. And there look – and in the top 10. Indeed, while from closing it the kiwi Rice, Thornbury Geraskevich behind only 0.29 sekandi.

– In the first race the start was the time of 4.98 seconds is my personal record, – has told Vladislav Geraskevich the press service of the NOC of Ukraine. – Unfortunately, in Ukraine there is no starting trestle bridge. And so we start with a significant problem. We are lagging behind. The race had a few mistakes, but we try to fix them. I hope tomorrow will be better. In the first race a little shook – there after the ninth turn the difficult part of the route, where many are mistaken. It is very hard to get into the correct line. The second race start of 4.99, that is very close. I tried to go for the result, tried to keep position, because we have a lot of important, is aerodynamics. 14-th place after the second-in – superhealth. In skeleton you can never relax. It’s a sport when one touch Board can cost a lot…

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

15 Feb. Menfolk. The 1st and 2nd rounds. 1. Young SN Bin (Korea) – 1.40,35 (50,28 + 50,07). 2. Tregubov (SAR) – 1.41,09 (50,59 + 50,50). 3. M. Dukurs (Latvia) – 1.41,23 (50,85 + 50,38). 4. Parsons (UK) – 1.41,26 (50,85 + 50,41). 5. T. Dukurs (Latvia) – 1.41,46 (50,88 + 50,58). 6. Kim JI Soo (Korea) – 1.41,66 (50,80 + 50,86). 7. UNGC (Germany) – 1.41,78 (50,77 + 51,01). 8. Thornbury (New Zealand) – 1.41,93 (50,90 + 51,03)… 15. GERASKEVICH (Ukraine) – 1.42,42 (51,26 + 51,16).

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