Olympics 2018: In the relay – 13th

Roman Zacharkiw and Alexander Obolochek. Photo: noc-ukr.org

For the uninitiated in the details of the Olympic Luge competitions may seem to be in the final for their performances in Pyeongchang the relay occupied by Ukrainian team best at the Games-2018 13-th place – this against the background of previous failures supposedly can recognize almost success.

However, when you consider that at the start of the left “Baker’s dozen” teams, no even a mini-achievements, no question. Besides, from finishing in twelfth position the previous Chekhov our team-the underdog separated almost 4 seconds in Luge – a huge distance. Not to mention the fact that the Champions of Germany ceded all fantastic 6,486 seconds.

Our relay team, “thanks to” its lowest rating, started earlier all. And first on the road out Elena Shumova. But she, alas, did not assume the lead of the whose passed the baton could restore hope to exceed that eleventh place, which in this species took team of Ukraine the previous Games in Sochi in 2014. During the first quarter Shumova made a grave mistake, almost flying out of the sled. Then she made a couple of significant flaws, and, as it turned out, showed up in the latest result – 3,265 seconds (?!) worse than the twelfth Czechs Teresa a Sockwork.

Then took Chumovoy the baton to Anton Dukach, and then behind him – deuce of Alexander of Obolonya and Roman Zacharkiw – de jure not light correct the situation unsuccessfully. Well, maybe, if someone from rivals will not finish it. But such was not found.

Who does not submit claims, so it is to Dukaku. During the first quarter, he showed the fourth time among the singles, then, the truth fell back to eighth place and crossed the finish line ninth. And yielded the best result Olympic athlete of the Novel Lepilova quite a bit – 0,520 seconds. But the two of Obolonya and Zaharkina at all segments of distance, as Shumova, was also the last, causing a number of errors.

The winning point, which is not surprising, put the speakers under the curtain starts at the base of the Germans. Now a four-time Olympic Champions were Natalie Geisenberger, deuce in the composition of Tobias, Wendla and his namesake for the first time and Arlt Johannes Ludwig.

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

15 Feb. Mixed relay. 1. Germany* (Geisenberger, Loch, Wendl*/Arlt*) – 2.24,517 (46,870 + 48,822 + 48,825). 2. Canada (Gough, Adni, Walker/Can Figure It) – 2.24,872 (47,099 + 48,820 + 48,953). 3. Austria (Egle, D. Gleicher, Penz/Fischler) – 2.24,988 (47,122 + 48,758 + 49,108). 4. USA (Britcher, Mazdzer, Mortensen/Terdiman) – 2.25,091 (47,266 + 48,660 + 49,165). 5. Italy (Fetter, D. Fischnaller, Nagler/Malayer) – 2.25,093 (47,078 + 48,827 + 49,188). 6. Latvia (SiRNA, Kristers Aparjods, A. Šics/J. Šics) – 2.25,315 (47,369 + 48,891 + 49,055). 7. SAR (Baturin, Reelow, Denisov/Antonov) – 2.25,349 (47,523 + 48,615 + 49,211). 8. Poland (Cols-Kusyk, Kurowski, Chmielewski/Kowalewski) – 2.26,413 (47,711 + 49,134 + 49,568)… 13. UKRAINE (Shumova, it looks like Obolochek/Zacharkiw) – 2.31,003 (51,503 + 49,135 + 50,365).

* champion (champion) ZOE-2014.

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