Olympics 2018: Hurricane in Korea

Environment. Pyeongchang-gun. The wind did not allow to hold the competitions at a biathlon stadium. Photo: Reuters

Game last night faced a disaster – because of the wind closed the Olympic Park.

Are unable to go to the start of the slalom skier, and was also cancelled individual race among women.


from Pyeongchang

Over yesterday’s Pyongyang burst into a perfect storm. Information, how many meters per second was the speed of the wind, it is not clear so far. Say, about thirty. Anyway it was enough to disrupt almost all of the banners from the buildings of the Olympic village coastal cluster, disperse food stalls in the Park, as well as to break numerous checkpoint. The wind not only blew away every little thing, like baskets for things and chairs for protection, but also stripped the tarpaulin from the tents and not a little frightened volunteers.

While I watched as the volunteers organized to divert people to the exit, the storm knocked over two large fridge with soda, standing under the awning long ago flown away. Became really anxious, and I went inside one of the sponsor pavilions. Fortunately, it was built to last.

After another half an hour in the Park was stopped by rescuers. They don’t seem to understand what to do – my eyes in a long time, ten people tied with ropes figure Sharana tiger mascot of the Games to away. Despite the fact that the falling refrigerators, and also cash registers of the kiosk was abandoned. Here is the respect for the characters and contempt for the material!

In the end the lifeguards and I was asked to go to the exit – there is nothing to see. And colleagues at this moment telegraphed in the media village blew half of the fences, in the mountains overturned the biathlon, the Park officially completed the evacuation.

The Japanese sea it is rugged. Above it there are often fierce turbulence. It must have been one of them…

P. S. Today will be both a biathlon individual race. Women should start at 10: 15, Kyiv time, and the men at 13.20.

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