Olympics 2018: hope is only a luck

Thursday. Pyeongchang-gun. Khan ÖBERG. Photo: Reuters

If anyone seriously expected a hurricane, because it provides women’s individual race was postponed a day later to help Ukrainian athletes to prepare for it better, that suffered no less disappointing than in the previous race days.

And even the long-awaited phenomenon of people Yulia Jima the overall picture has not changed – an artificial “victim” mind-boggling bureaucratic coaching mess (for this reason, the road to mass start for her was closed!) as it turned out, shortly before arrival in Korea was also a victim of the common cold. Accordingly, even if otminusovat two penalty minutes Julia misses to the podium she was can not reach. As and Valya Semerenko, don’t let she my one and only puncture in the 19th edition of the volley…

Unpleasantly surprised and another emergency replacement in the application of the Ukrainian women’s team just before the start. And find her a logical explanation, so immediately, is not possible. After all, if, according to the FBU President Vladimir Brynzak, Vita Semerenko still waiting for the part in two relay races and mass start, why at the last moment it was necessary to push the individual is Irina Varvynets, for which a mandatory start in this kind of program was read before the start of the Games?!

Is chaos and confusion in the minds of the leaders of our national team has reached the limit that they despair of starting failures decided on, that is, to beat on their luck without regard to the consequences? Well, hit. Yes, but in fact it turned out another absolutely single blow, because in addition to samotnosci and damaged nerves due from five penalties, most successfully prepared for the Olympics, the athlete received nothing. And what mood she will come to thus above the relays – now we can only guess…


In General, relative to the female national team of Ukraine in Pyeongchang we can say only one thing – a more dreadful spectacle is simply impossible to imagine. This is how I had to build a pre-Olympic preparatory cycle that in the end some were unsettled by the sores and colds, and other psychological instability (as evidenced by the rally of tears and the revelation of Anastasia Merkushina, however, in this case, the athlete deserves for it genuine respect)? This is the same peak of operational readiness, which for the current season we were raving to?! In addition, coupled with serious problems with acclimatization. Needless to say – impressive! Only completely wrong, as I would like…


There are a lot of starts, but the current Olympics is just the same surrounded the Ukrainian team a clear lessons – and what is the peak funktsionalka, and what is the psychological resistance. The individual race was no exception. From the foregoing, Laura dahlmeier and Anastasia Kuzmina was a vivid personification of the first paragraph, and Hanna öberg in the second.

And if the names of a German and a Slovak mother is well known for biathlon world long time ago, the 22-year-old Swede to the beginning of the season was at the hearing, except that in his native country. And over its course too. Because of its current 58-e a place in standings of the world Cup does not compare with, say, 10th position Vita Semerenko, 14th – her sister’s Wali or 16th – Yulia Jima. But in Pyeongchang his name in the annals of biathlon Olympic Games in 2018 has perpetuated the very öberg. Stable high speed running and enviable judgement on the shooting range helped her leave behind all sorts of favourites and of competitors, but also immediately to fly in the Golden step of the podium!

Say – lucky, lucky? Of course, not without it. However, fortune smiles really strong and focused on achieving results. And on the Ukrainian national team, alas, does not tell you.


And, by the way, the athletes – even more so! Claims to the quality of the work of Juraj Sanitra in the Olympic season is still more than enough. If his counterpart Uros Velepec, betting on dvorzovy output in peak form, has justified this step at least the medal achievements on donosologic the world Cup, the coach of the men’s team, failing them, obviously fails now and the Olympics. So to comment on the performances of his wards in his individual race no desire. And the culmination of quality pre-Olympic activities involuntarily reflected in your comments Brendan, who nedvuznachno said that without a big good luck to the Ukrainians in Pyeongchang catch nothing at all. That is, it turns out, it is the coldness good luck did not allow Artem Tishchenko, Vladimir Semenovym to run faster, and the Prima Sergey and Semenov – to shoot more accurately?!

Well, in this case all the assumptions, conjecture, and even speculation can safely be removed altogether from the minds of the fans. It turns out that it’s all luck – infection, and that it’s all business. Well, then the so-called “sofa experts” should stop banging emotions and take on most of these sofas are comfortable, just wait patiently when this naughty lady will sologaistoa collapse and the Olympic street of the Ukrainian biathlon. Maybe just four years…


In conclusion, I must add that in the individual race somewhat unexpectedly easily defeated Johannes Be. Because to reach such a speed that even with two penalties to leave behind two excellent snipers race Jakov FAK and Dominik Landertinger and the fundamental rival Martin Fourcade (he managed to drop a clanger in the last two shots of the final “rack”) to bring more than 40 seconds – it is really phenomenal!

Therefore, most likely, in the previous sprint and persecute young Norwegian still failed for the obvious reason of the decline, but because of nedorabotannost to the same acclimatization. This means that his part-time struggle with the phenomenal Frenchman for the title Multichampion Olympics from now on will inflame with a new force…

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine

15 Feb. Menfolk. Individual race of 20 km. 1. Th.Bø (Norway) – 48.03,8 (1+0+0+1). 2. FAK (Slovenia) – 5,5 (0+0+0+0). 3. Landertinger (Austria) – 14,2 (0+0+0+0). 4. Samuelsson (Sweden) – 29,1 (0+0+1+0). 5. M. Fourcade (France) – 42,4 (0+0+0+2). 6. Veger (Switzerland) – 48,6 (1+0+0+0). 7. Krcmar (Czech Republic) – 1.15,5 (0+1+0+0). 8. Lindström (Sweden) – 1.22,1 (0+0+0+1)… 29. TISHCHENKO – 3.11,4 (0+0+0+0)… 31. SEMAKOV – 3.28,3 (0+1+0+0)… 46. PRIMA – 4.32,7 (1+2+0+1)… 53. SEMENOV (Ukraine) – 4.54,1 (1+0+1+1).

Women. Individual race 15 km. 1. Öberg (Sweden) – 41.07,2 (0+0+0+0). 2. Kuzmina (Slovakia) – 24,7 (0+1+1+0). 3. Dallmeier – 41,2 (1+0+0+0). 4. Preuss (both Germany) – 59,7 (0+0+0+0). 5. Violet (Slovakia) – 1.02,3 (1+0+0+0). 6. Hojnisz (Poland) – 1.54,8 (0+1+0+0). 7. Wierer (Italy) – 2.08,6 (0+1+0+1). 8. E. Gasparin (Switzerland) – 2.15,2 (1+0+0+0)… 20. JIM – 3.26,7 (1+0+1+0)… 25. Valya SEMERENKO – 3.46,7 (0+0+0+1)… 63. Vita Semerenko – 6.56,6 (0+3+1+1)… 70. MERKUSHINA (Ukraine) – 7.34,8 (1+1+3+1).

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