Olympics 2018: half a second from the finals

Elena Shumova. Photo: noc-ukr.org

Yes, it is as insignificant moments, or rather 0,572 seconds, not enough 24-year-old from Lvov Elena Shumova to the sum of time of three to displace the latter in the top twenty finalists Korean sung-Yong Rong.

In the end, after the final descent could not finish American athlete, Ukrainian from 22nd place up to 21st in the Olympic tournament on sledges. If you consider that the previous Games in Sochi in 2014 Shumova was the 31st, as you can see, the progress is obvious.

We have been told that Elena is in each of the two races the first day of competition held in the records of the 19-th row. So her chances of getting into the finals was regarded as quite real. And it was necessary Shumway to act in the same spirit in the third descent.

Before this next start on the toboggan run “Alpensia” mentee coaches Garzuly Taras and Oleg Zherebetskyi in an interview to the press service of the NOC of Ukraine said

– That the ninth curve is very difficult to pass, I knew from the training. It’s not very me out. On the first day the driving was fine. There were mistakes, but they are not very serious. Helped a little the experience of the 2014 Olympics. I was set and didn’t notice much. Actually that day I am happy and today I will try to avoid small mistakes…

Unfortunately, in the third race Shumovo again failed the same treacherous ninth turn, which, apparently, she lost those a little more than half a second and finished 26th. And therefore, outside the final.

And our second singles and 23-year-old Steckel, the namesake and compatriot Chumovoy for which the ill-fated ninth turn at all in the opening downhill at the Games was a stumbling block, dropping off the sled (fortunately, she managed again to sit), the third race ended with 28-m result, and in the same position she was in the final Protocol of the competition.

For me, as a coach, remains a mystery why Stetskiv are unable to pass on the Olympics without mistakes, – said the press service of the NOC of Ukraine, the coach of the national team of bobsleigh Taras Garcula. The whole season she was stable. Yesterday Elena complained that the sleigh was out of control. But for her, and for Shumway inventory was prepared in the same way. Elena Shumova the season goes faster, but psychologically it is more difficult to withstand the number of descents. Here in Pyeongchang, she gathered, was able to configure and showed good drive…

As for the dispute over the award, their distribution realest claimed the German trio in the squad of Natalie Geisenberger, Tatjana hufner and Diana, Eichberger, and canadian Alex Gough. In their showdown Geisenberger has already become a three-time Olympic champion. Your way to the pedestals of the Games she started with silver in Vancouver in 2010. Then in Sochi in 2014, Natalie won gold in singles and team relay. , Itenberg, showing in the finals is the best time to vacate her fourth place made the jump to the silver step of the podium. As it turned out, that Diana made the final reshuffle of positions with his compatriot hufner, which is in the top three drove Gough for the first time risen on the Olympic podium.

Today on the toboggan run “Alpensia” will compete for the medals of two men. In this kind of program our country will present a duet from Lviv Roman Zacharkiw and Alexander Obolonya born in Ternopil’. And on Thursday the last set of medals will be awarded to the teams-winners in the relay competition.

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

13 Feb. Women. The 3rd and 4th races. 1. Geisenberger* – 3.05,232 (46,245 + 46,205 + 46,280 + 46,498). 2. Of Eichberger (both from Germany) – 3.05,599 (46,381 + 46,193 + 46,577 + 46,448). 3. GAF (Canada) – 3.05,644 (46,317 + 46,328 + 46,425 + 46,574). 4. Hufner (Germany) – 3.05,713 (46,322 + 46,339 + 46,392 + 46,660). 5. Macra (Canada) – 3.05,878 (46,339 + 46,449 + 46,480 + 46,610). 6. Hamlin (USA) – 3.05,912 (46,357 + 46,333 + 46,506 + 46,716). 7. Stramaturaru (Romania) – 3.06,288 (46,469 + 46,532 + 46,606 + 46,681). 8. Frisch (Korea) – 3.06,400 (46,350 + 46,456 + 46,751 + 46,843)… 21. SHUMOVA – 2.21,545 (46,950 + 46,844 + 47,751)… 28. STECKIW (both – Ukraine) – 2.26,831 (50,599 + 48,303 + 47,929).

* champion ZOE-2014.

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