Olympics 2018: Golden double Dallmeier and full revenge Fourcade

Martin FOURCADE gave their opponents no chance to win. Photo: Reuters

The third day of continuous frustration… Perhaps this is the way to evaluate the performance of the Ukrainian biathlon in Pyeongchang.

At the moment, except as the failure to adequately deal with the cold, wind and opponents, their fans have not seen. As neither high speed nor reliable shooting…

Why? Do not want to repeat what about the very questionable coaching decisions (especially to mentor the male part of the team Juraj Sanitra this applies only indirectly) to use the tactics of the two peaks of form during the season. Indeed, given the extremely diverse characteristics of organisms for the athletes to do it successfully for at least two relay quartets was originally twice as harder than knowingly to sacrifice the results at the initial stages of the world Cup, but picked up speed just in time for the Olympics and beyond, that is, on forward to work on the final stages.

Probably worse than the current situation of both our teams in the Nations Cup not exactly be. Men have already failed the season – so simple! Moreover, among those who went on a similar path of training, headed by the ambitious Norwegian Johannesson Be, at the moment the Olympic winners not listed. But examples to the contrary, everyone!

In particular, look at the current functional state of the same Martin Fourcade and Laura Dahlmeier. Many experts before the New year openly admired BAA Jr, who managed to win the phenomenal Frenchman repeatedly. Like, look – Johanness speed “makes” Martin, like the “Mercedes” some “Reno”! However, Fourcade all the accusations reacted ironic smiles, periodically “chopping” Be much better work on the shooting range and do not get down from the pedestal.

Ironically, for the first time in the season he did not get after the sprint in Pyeongchang, although by this time the “physics” raised to dizzying heights. Summed up the three Omaha. But is he No. 1 many years said extremely critically: “it was all my fault! I seemed to have forgotten at the time that the sight can make the necessary adjustments. As I remember – so everything is working…” it’s Worth noting, was adjusted so that He immediately issued on the mountain a convincing triumphant revenge in the pursuit (while Be-Junior secondary was among the inveterate losers), the details of which we will return below.


As for Dallmeier, its unattractive results before the New year, “experts” (which in the Ukraine in the past two years suddenly got divorced, like a mass of offspring in the nest!”) foaming at the mouth to off the cold before the first world Cup in Ostersund, Sweden. Only a few guessed that the cold bothered the players more than a week, and in November, she could work at the limit of abilities. But Laura, who her mentors have been significantly far-sighted, knowingly sacrificing career has already produced a Large crystal globe (although in the battle for him the main struggle definitely will unfold after the Games in 2018 with a new force, as the current backlog Dallmeier leader Kaisa in Makarainen 102 is not critical) for a winning gait in Pyeongchang. And now, please enjoy!

Of course, as they say, the night is young, and it is possible that Uros Velepec preparing all the stunning access to the Olympic route Yulia Jima, as well as a wonderful Renaissance, say, Vita Semerenko. However, the departure of the latter from communication with representatives of domestic mass media in the mixed zone after the failed pursuit (by the way, as Dmitry Pidruchna!), rather, indicates the opposite.

In the subjective view of the author of these lines, in favor of pessimism shows obvious puncture of the leaders of our team with places of the final phase of preparation for the Olympics, and the period of acclimatization. No wonder that specialists from Germany or France, even after last year’s world championship gently hinted that the highlands of Korea according to its climatic features is different from other sort of similar places. That is, to prepare for it it is necessary in a special, revolutionary circumstances, and stay in Pyeongchang before the start of the competition increase the maximum possible. It is likely, precisely because of the above error Brendan actually stopped on the last lap of the sprint, Heinicke Megan there on the “front” unthinkable sent it wide of the goal from four bullets, and all the others complained and continue to complain of poor health. What are the medals in such a situation can be discussed?..


Well, now let’s get back to the events of the pursuit. As you know, after sprints minimum hope to compete in the fight for the leading position maintained only Vita Semerenko. However, provided that at the shooting range she will be able to avoid the fate of, say, the French Marie Dorin habert and Justine Breza, synchronously sent wide of the goal by seven bullets, her Cash Makarainen missed six times or Italians Dorothea wierer with Norway’s Tiril Eckhoff, blundered in five volleys. However, two penalties Ukrainka already in the first prone stage, quickly dispelled the last illusions. Moreover, the speed Vita, too, are not perfect. Therefore, even with four total penalties, liabilities, managed to skip ahead of the same Eckhoff and Olga, which started much later. Did not cope with shooting and Anastasiya Merkushyna, Semerenko Valj at the start does not come out.

At the same time, Dallmeier again undertook to prove that the Master with a capital letter no weather to hinder not. And proved tactically outplayed Anastasia Kuzmin. Slovak biathlete started the race from the thirteenth position, however, developed this course that has managed to stay ahead of the German by the third firing line. But Laura is perfectly aware that the pulse of the ex-Russians to the point were frankly off the scale, so the range is reasonable in no hurry, while its temporary competitor mistake twice. The thrill is gone, and then Dallmeier, even apparently saving power, still allowed himself to finish with a flag in his hand and with a smile, which already reflected the sparkle of a second Olympic gold.

Meanwhile, on the heels Kuzmina excitedly sat anes Laura. So recklessly, that made Anastasia exhausted to fall immediately for the finish line. However, already in the status of the winner of the silver award. But the Frenchwoman was immeasurably glad and bronze…


Men, too, all was resolved after the third time at the shooting range. There Fourcade, in contrast to just six competitors, accurately closed all targets, and then, clearly demonstrating who is really the “Mercedes” and “Reno”, brought the breakaway to 40 seconds. Therefore, the final standing could even afford one little blunder. Yes, but not in the character of a true champion such misfires. And the phenomenal Frenchman, giving a master-class defiance of the cold and wind, welcomed malonarushennye the podium triumphant vskidyvaniem hands, and imposingly went to the finish line for the pace of the Renault, knowing that to prevent him to overcome the last meters with the flag in hand does not afford anyone and anything.

And in the fight for silver was seriously clashed doll Benedikt and Sebastian Samuelsson. At first it seemed that the venerable German likely more, but textured the Swede thought otherwise. He did not wait for the finish line and went on the attack a little earlier, taking the lead before the turn. Doll still tried to compete, but just useless. His slim chance used another not favorite. And again, alas, not the representative of Ukraine…

What’s next? Tomorrow the individual race will hold the women, where it is expected the long-awaited appearance Yulia Jima, and the day after men.

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine

12 Feb. Menfolk. Pursuit. 12.5 km. 1. M. Fourcade (France) – 32.51,7 (1+0+0+0). 2. Samuelsson (Sweden) – 12,0 (0+0+1+0). 3. Doll (Germany) – 15,1 (0+1+0+0). 4. T. Bø (Norway) – 1.02,6 (0+0+1+2). 5. Schempp (Germany) – 1.02,7 (0+0+1+2). 6. Veger (Switzerland) – 1.03,1 (1+0+0+1). 7. Destie (France) – 1.03,7 (1+0+1+1). 8. Peiffer (Germany) – 1.14,1 (0+0+1+2)… 34. PIDRUCHNY – 4.01,5 (1+0+2+1)… 38. PRIMA – 4.24,6 (1+1+2+2)… 49. SEMENOV (Ukraine) – 5.32,0 (1+0+2+2).

Women. Pursuit. 10 km. 1. Dallmeier (Germany) – 30.35,3 (0+1+0+0). 2. Kuzmina (Slovakia) – 29,4 (0+1+2+1). 3. Bescond (France) – 29,6 (0+0+1+0). 4. Olsby (Norway) – 1.07,3 (1+2+0+1). 5. Öberg (Sweden) – 1.08,9 (1+2+0+0). 6. Herrmann (Germany) – 1.19,4 (1+0+0+1). 7. Vitkova (Czech Republic) – 1.37,3 (0+1+0+2). 8. Hekki (Switzerland) – 1.41,5 (1+1+1+0)… 18. Vita Semerenko – 2.19,1 (2+1+1+0)… 46. MERKUSHINA – 4.55,1 (0+2+2+1). Valya SEMERENKO (Ukraine) – not started.

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