Olympics 2018: From Togo to Thailand

Matilda-Amivi from his trip. Photo: instagram.com

Competitions skiers in Pyeongchang gathered the most exotic in the Olympics squad.


Sattar SEYD

The first who attracts the attention of a skier from Iran Sattar Seyd. Despite the fact that Iran and ski sprint – bad combined with each other words, a 30-year-old native of Tehran is not an accidental participant in the Olympics. For him these Games – the second in his career.

At first, in Vancouver in 2010, he took the 89th place in the distance of 15 km free style. In Pyeongchang, he obviously hopes for a different result, but can climb much higher will be difficult. Seyd never performed at world Cups to his credit there are starts in the far East Cup and the Balkan Cup, the best result – 12th place in race on 10 km free style.

In his career, the Iranian took part in two world Championships, where he reached the 85-th place in the race for 15 kilometers (2011). In addition to ski racing Seyd is orienteering on skis at the Asian games-2011 won a silver medal in the relay team.


Another participant of the Olympics ski country Tariel of Jarkynbaev from Kyrgyzstan. 21-year-old native of Bishkek – a fan and regular participant in various ski racing for 8 years.

Not the longest career yet he managed to speak at a number of major tournaments, including the Universiade. Jarkynbaev – multiple champion of Kyrgyzstan in biathlon and cross country skiing. His idol believes the Norwegian biathlete, Tarea Se, partly because they have similar names.


Representing Thailand Canlong this athlete was born in Italy and has long been the country with the Apennine Peninsula, until last year, have not received Thai nationality.

In 2017 Chansung spoke at the Asian games in Sapporo, but the results did not go in the official standings, as he had not become a full member of the national team of Thailand. At the Olympics in Pyeongchang legal problems the 23-year-old athlete has not arisen, and he and sister Karen were the only skiers from Thailand at the Games.

Matilda-Amivi from his trip

Dark-skinned athlete from an African country That is a true exotic for the winter Olympics. 23-year-old native of Niger yesterday in qualifying for the sprint was ranked 59 out of 68 participants.

As a girl from the African hinterland could become a skier? The fact that he moved from his trip to France when she was two years old. 12 the beginning of skiing, but at the Junior level did not show great results.

In March 2013, she invited the Togolese officials their services, and they gladly accepted her offer. They gave her citizenship, and now Matilda – bearer of their historical homeland in the Olympic games.

The Adobe Peyton BACHER

A special surprise is the participation in the Olympic games the Adobe by Peyton Baher girls from Iran. She’s 26 years old and it’s her first Game. However, some known in ski circles it has. She was for eight years a member of the national team in skiing and in 2015 she surprised audiences in the Swedish city of Falun exit the track in a short skirt. “The skirt is comfortable, no problems”, – the girl admitted.

Mikhail POTAPOV, sport express

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