Olympics 2018: Family row

Vita and Valya SEMERENKO. Photo from archive “SE”

“SE” – about brothers and sisters, who perform at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Tarjei and Johannes boe

(Norway, biathlon)

Brothers BAA came together for the Olympics a second time. In Sochi in their family members has not got any awards, but in Pyeongchang, apparently, everything will be different. The youngest, Johannes, is one of the leaders of the season and the only worthy competitor Martin Fourcade.

So don’t be surprised if he will catch up and surpass brother of Taree in the number of awards – the older a gold in Vancouver in the relay. And, of course, in Norway, I very much hope that the brothers with the support of his teammates will be the first in the relay. And, maybe, not in one.

Martin and Simon FOURCADE

(France, biathlon)

The strongest biathlete of modernity, the owner of six Large crystal globes Martin Fourcade came to the Games with his older brother Simon. But in this biathlon family, unlike the previous, the Junior has progressed and the number of existing awards, and the extent of their expectations. Martin is aiming for gold in every race. And not the fact that the brothers Fourcade will start together in the relay – Simon losing the competition to younger partners in the French team this season even went to speak at the second IBU Cup.


(Switzerland, biathlon)

And in the national team of Switzerland perform three Gasparin sisters. The most famous of them – the eldest, Selina. She is well known in Russia, as is the wife of a Russian skier, bronze medalist of the Olympics in Sochi in the ski marathon Ilya Chernousova.

But Selina’s successes are impressive: she is the winner of two world Cup races and the first ever Swiss winner of Olympic medals in the biathlon at the Games-2014 Selina Gasparin won a silver medal in the individual race.

Personal success-kid-sister – 26-year-old Eliza and Aity, which on the opening day of Games in Phenchhane’m 24, modest. However, in Sochi the women’s national team of Switzerland, which in addition to the three Women entered Irene Caloric, took a record-high 9th place in the relay. Now the sisters say that in Pyeongchang their goals much higher.

Vita and Valya SEMERENKO

(Ukraine, biathlon)

The Olympic champion of Sochi-2014 in the relay, together again participate in the Games. For Vale it was the fourth Olympic games, and for Vita – the third: in Turin it did not take. But this season has better looks, the older (by 15 minutes) of the twin sisters. The assets of Vita Semerenko two personal podiums in world Cup and 10th place overall. Val, however, is also not lagging behind much, is the 14th. Sisters of the Sum and the relay team of Ukraine in Pyeongchang, like any major event, there will be a serious force.

Maia and Alex SHIBUTANI

(USA, figure skating)

Maia and Alex Shibutani gets from critics throughout his career. Many say that in dancing, even on the ice, it is important to disclose the relationship between men and women. And it is very difficult to do if you’re brother and sister. But Shibutani nothing: continue to ride, call each other “best partner” and have family in active silver and two bronze world Championships. To fight for gold in the individual event in Pyeongchang it will be difficult, but in a wide range of applicants for bronze “Chibs” will surely result.

Eve, Thomas and Glen MERGED

(Great Britain Curling)

Those guys say that Curling is in their blood. Father of Glen, Eve and Thomas Gordon Marched he was engaged in this sport, and was European champion and competed at the Olympics-92 in Albertville, where Curling was presented as a demonstration. For IV Marched Olympics in Pyeongchang will be the third in his career. Four years ago in Sochi, she became the youngest skip ever to have won an Olympic medal. In her case – bronze. Glen and Thomas will perform at the Olympics for the first time.

– When I was little, I dreamed that one day will play at the Olympics, admits 22-year-old Tom. But never could not imagine that it will do that, along with his brother and sister.

Marissa (Korea) and Hanna (USA) BRANDT


Greg and Robin Brandt, desperate to get their own child, decided to take the family to the E. R. and found in Korea, a baby girl named Marissa. They moved her to Minnesota and… Robin immediately got pregnant. At Marissa had a sister Hannah who is 11 months younger than her, and the girls become inseparable friends for life. Despite the fact that they are different. In childhood graceful Marissa loved dancing and figure skating, and Hannah was out playing baseball with the boys.

Then she took up hockey, and it was suddenly joined by a sister – just wanted to Hanoi more time. Now they are on the same Olympics, but in different teams – Hannah wears a star-spangled sweater, and Marissa is playing for the country where I was born. While Marissa admits that he always felt ashamed of my Korean appearance and otherness sister, and hockey she liked the fact that the person can hide behind a mask.

Maria NIKULUSHKINA, sport express

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