Olympics 2018: Dutch skater won the gold medal

Karlan Aharaka. Photo: Reuters

Dutch skater, Karlan Achterste became the Olympic champion on a distance of 3000 meters.

Second and third places were also occupied by representatives of the Netherlands: Irene Wust and Antoinette de Jong respectively.

Earlier this year Achterste became the second at this distance at the European Championships, which was held in Kolomna.

Olympics 2018



3 000 m

1. Karlan Aharaka (Holland) – 3.59,21

2. Irene Wust (Holland) – 3.59,29

3. Antoinette de Jong (Netherlands) is 4.00,02

4. Martina Sáblíková (Czech Republic) – 4.00,54

5. Miho Takagi (Japan) – 4.01,35

6. Ivan Blondin (Canada) – 4.04,14.

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