Olympics 2018: Dukach outside of the finalists, but with a record

Saturday. Pyeongchang-gun. Anton DUKACH. Photo: Reuters

Objectively speaking, to some high place our men in a single sleigh, no one expected.

Indeed, in the same setting the tone on the world stage Germany there are nine upscale and ultra-modern trails. They have Luge other leaders in this sport countries. We have the same “home” is… Latvian Sigulda.

At best, therefore, hoped that the party of the previous Olympic games-2014 29-year-old Andrew Manzi of Ternopil region (in Sochi, he has occupied 31-e a place) and the debutant of such major planetary launches 22-year-old citizen of Lviv Anton Dukach will be able to get among the 20 finalists.

It is possible that this would have happened if the boys did not disappoint the excessive excitement during the first race. And if it looks like despite the error while performing the track, showed the 27th time, Manzi somewhere in the middle of the track when entering a turn flew off the sled, but Orient managed to again they have to sit still and finished, but the last 40.

– In the first race a bit unlucky on the ninth turn, before the competition made it smooth, unlike the training starts, told Dukach the press service of the NOC of Ukraine. All the track is decent. Today a second was an improved record. And I’ve done half a second faster than him.

– I am very sorry for this unfortunate decline, noted Manzi. – Just disappointment. Could not then sleep till morning…

Significantly better spent the Ukrainians the second race: Dukach showed the 21st time, Manzi – 25-E. So Anton had a chance to get into the finalists. Andrew after the previous fall, of course, the road to the finals has become unworkable.

The next day Manzi in the third race finished 19th. But the total time for the performances, alas, still was,a 40-m – latest among the participants. Dukach also successfully started a third attempt at starting acceleration showed the 13-th result. But then was already 19 and in the end, 24th. And the results of all three races Anton was 23-m below the final twenty. However, it is still established a kind of record, because in all the years of independence of our country is a place at the Olympics in men’s singles sled is the highest.

Bobsleigh coach of our team Oleg zhebrivskyi commented the press service of the NOC of Ukraine speech of Docache:

– We should not forget that for Anton it’s the first Game in his career. He had previously participated in the Junior Olympics in 2012 and then took in Innsbruck high fourth place. And 2016 year because of a broken leg generally missed. Of course, now affected the excitement. Despite his mistake in the first race, he was going on the second and third showed a good result. Of course, could compete for the top 20, if not the first descent.

Everyone predicted another gold triple Olympic and five-time world champion German Felix Loch. In addition, in the three races he showed the first and twice the second time, before the final is far ahead of all his pursuers. However, this ACE in the final descent down a blunder. Finishing in the final race, only 19-e a place the Sucker in the end showed the overall fifth result.

The winner sensationally became the Austrian David Gleicher, which never went to the winners of the Championships and world Cups, not to mention the Olympics. Silver suddenly went to American Chris Mazzaro, before whose best result was third place at the world Cup-2015/16. And only bronze became the representative of the German school Luge Johannes Ludwig.

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

11 Feb. Menfolk. Loners. 1. D. Gleicher (Austria) – 3.10,702 (47,652 + 47,835 + 47,854 + 47,631). 2. Mazdzer (USA) – 3.10,728 (47,800 + 47,717 + 47,534 + 47,677). 3. Ludwig (Germany) – 3.10,932 (47,764 + 47,940 + 47,625 + 47,603). 4. D. Fischnaller (Italy) – 3.10,934 (47,930 + 47,967 + 47,562 + 47,475). 5. Loh* (Germany) – 3.10,968 (47,674 + 47,625 + 47,560 + 48,109). 6. Adni (Canada) – 3.11,021 (47,862 + 47,755 + 47,759 + 47,645). 7. K. Fischnaller (Italy) – 3.11,054 (47,853 + 47,793 + 47,596 + 47,812). 8. Reelow (SAR) – 3.11,108 (47,776 + 47,740 + 47,958 + 47,644)… 23. DUKACH – 2.25,498 (48,888 + 48,307 + 48,303)… 40. MANJI (both – Ukraine) – 2.39,389 (1.02,395 + 48,473 + 47,981).

* champion ZOE-2014.

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