Olympics 2018: Curiosities

Saturday. Pyeongchang-gun. The distance skiathlon overcomes Tatiana ANTIPENKO. Photo: noc-ukr.org

Victory by Swede Charlotte Calla lilies among women and the Norwegian podium at the head of Simenon-Halstedom Kruger among men ended the first kind of the program of competitions in ski racing at the Olympic games in Phenchhane. Ukrainian athletes was predicted strangers to this festival of sport.

Note that it is likely the last weekend we witnessed the last skiathlon in the Olympic program. In October 2017 at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of ski sports (FIS) was considered revolutionary changes, and one of them was the proposal to exclude skiathlon from the program major forums and introduce instead the prosecution on 15 and 30 km by the end of the race with separate start on 10 and 15.

However, as the saying goes, everything new is well forgotten old. After all, before the Games in Turin 2006 skiers just competed in a similar format, and it is, recall, helped Roman Labuko to take in salt lake city 2002 11-a place which still remains the best result for our men in ski racing during the years of independence at the Olympics.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Alexander Putsko on the question of the correspondent “SE” will he miss the skiathlon, said that contrary:

– Skiathlon does not mind, do not know who loved him. In my opinion, pursuit much more spectacular.

But not only for the Ukrainian skiers were reasons not to have warm feelings for the skiathlon. A separate service group, as the leading teams we have, and our small coaching staff, and so often not enough hands to prepare the skis for the race, and when they need twice…

Second, such a race as the skiathlon, consisting of two parts the classic and the ridge, implies universalism. And the main universal soldier in the Ukrainian team Valentina Shevchenko watched the UPS and downs of the struggle on the track in Alpensia from the Studio of the TV channel UA Persha in Kiev. Recall that on the sixth career Olympics 42-year-old skier from Brovary to qualify failed.

As for her two teammates, who on Saturday in Korea came out at the start of the skiathlon (7.5 km+7.5 km), Tatiana Antipenko was always more drawn to the classics and Marina Antsibor – on the contrary, as a rule, confident feeling in the skate. So for Antipenko challenge was the second half of the race, and Anzibar already it was difficult to significantly improve their position after the first part of her unloved style.

In the end, the 36-year-old Antipenko from Sumy, showing the 42nd time in the classic 7.5 km with a lag of two cents a minute away from a group of leaders spend on the change of skis 34.9 per second, and passing the ridged half of the race with a 49-m index, finished 45th after 4 minutes and 46.3 seconds after the winner of the Swede Charlotte Calla lilies.

Anzibar after the classic half was 55th (+2.46,2), pit stop took her to 32.4 seconds (for comparison, the leader in this indicator and bronze medalist of the race Finca Krista Pharmacoki deal of 27.9), and the horse turned 52-th result. In the end, the finish of the 30-year-old athlete from Konotop came 53rd with a lag 5.33,3

– The route was challenging with long climbs, – said in comments to the press service of the NOC and the channel UA Perche Marina Antsibor– On each plot, it was hard, although we have never not easy. Skiathlon – this is not my size, in my career there were occasions when I even go on it the distance. Today I also had a very difficult. Skating style, which I like better, already it was difficult to catch up in the classics. We can say that the first pancake turned out lumpy. But I hope that the next launches will be more successful, to give up, we are certainly not going to. We will fight.

With regard to the only representative in the men’s skiathlon, then 23-year-old Alexei Krasovsky from Shostka race ended at the 27th kilometer, when it beat the group leaders on the circle. In the end, in the final article 61-e a place. The Olympic debut of the young Andrey Orlik coaching staff deferred to other programs.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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