Olympics 2018: colony and Norwegians

Friday. Pyeongchang-gun. Dario cologna. Photo: Reuters

In weekend skiers played three sets of medals.

The main contenders for success in the men’s individual ski race at 15 km was considered the leader of the distance world Cup standings, the Frenchman Maurice Magnifica and the winner of “Tour de Ski”-2018 Swiss Dario cologna. And the winner of the first Olympic start of Simen Kruger and two Norwegians – Hans-Christer Holund and experienced Martin jonsrud Sundby.

The real race probably started with a jerk Swede Calle of Halfvarsson, who sprinted ahead in the second half of the starting circle. The result at the first round and became the reference point for the “red” group. But in the second half of the race it became clear that Halfvarsson was, in the terminology of athletics, “hare” – he helped to accelerate the favorites and passed.

The best acceleration on this day showed the Magnifica, but at 6 km from the favorites of the lost colony. Gradually increase its lead over all competitors for almost 30 seconds, he never released the event out of control and deserved to win.


Women’s relay team Norway, for which the finisher Marit bjoergen’s gold was the seventh in his career.

The leaders of the relay appeared on the second stage. Norwegian Astrid Jacobsen, fairly quickly created a gap. And on the back was tearing the leader of Sweden’s Charlotte Kalla, who quickly reduced the gap to the leaders. But on the finish of the stage the Norwegian to just up and end of the line and lost Belorukova team SAR half a minute. And Calla, showed just outstanding speed on these five kilometers, brought Sweden into second place.

Skate is another story. Sweden’s Ebba Andersson immediately seized the initiative, and the whole stage was under her dictation. A champion of the individual race Ragnhild Haga instantly began to correct the mistakes Jacobsen – 21 seconds, 14, 9… To the finish of the stage she came in behind Sweden and the UAR.

In the fourth stage were to be dismantled between Marit bjoergen and champion of the Pyeongchang sprint Stino Nilsson. Already on the first kilometer of two eminent opponent made it clear to the competitors that they will compete for the gold. And at the finish were stronger bjoergen.


Norway, of course, was considered the main favorite in the men’s relay. Moreover, the undisputed world Champions of recent years had to take revenge for Sochi, where they are in the relay was not even in the top three. Sweden, male half here is not conspicuous, I had to defend the title of Olympic Champions, which they held for two four-year cycles.

The Swedes frankly disappointed, but Norwegians in the last two stages of effort Simena Kruger and Johannes, Clebo confidently beat all rivals. Moreover, Clebo a large part of the phase was carried out almost in pleasure mode and then chose the moment to attack on the last climb, not wanting to sort things out at the stadium. There he rolled out alone and finished with a flag.

Anton BABOSHIN, Sport-Express

16 Feb. Men. Individual race, 15 km (C). 1. Colonia* (Switzerland) – 33.43,9. 2. Kruger national Park (Norway) – backlog of 18.3. 3. Spicav (UAR) was 23.0. 4. Sundby (Norway) To 24.9. 5. The Magnifica (France) – 27,0. 6. Holon (Norway) To 34.5. 7. Harvey (Canada) Is 35.5. 8. Hellner (Sweden) – 38,7… 84. KRASOVSKII – 5.21,4… 86. ORLIK (both – Ukraine) – 5.27,4.

17 Feb. Women. Relay 4×5 km (K+s). 1. Norway (Estberg, Jacobsen, Haga, Borge) – 51.24,3. 2. Sweden* (Haag*, Cal*, Andersson, Nilsson) Is 2.0. 3. SAR (Nepryaeva, Belorukova, Sedov, Nechaevskiy) is 43.3. 4. Finland (Saarinen, Niskanen, Roponen, Pharmacoki) – 1.02,6. 5. USA (Caldwell, Bjornsen, Randall, Diggins) is 1.20,5. 6. Germany (Böhler, Hennig, Karl, Ringwald) – 1.49,4. 7. Switzerland (van der Graaf, Fendrich, von Siebenthal, Chernical) – 1.51,5. 8. Slovenia (Lampic, Wisner, Cebasek Hugo) – 2.31,4.

18 on FebruaryI. Men. 4×10 km relay race (K+s). 1. Norway (Tense, Sundby, Krueger, Clebo) – 1:33.04,9. 2. SAR (Stalls, Bolshunov, Chervotkin, Spicav) of 9.4. 3. France (Gaillard, Magnifica, Paris, Backside) Is 36.9. 4. Finland (Hyvarinen, Niskanen, Heikinen, Lehtonen) – 1.40,5. 5. Sweden* (Burman, Richardson*, Hellner*, Halfvarsson) – 2.05,6. 6. Germany (Katz, Bing, Bègles, Dobler) – 2.08,2. 7. Italy (Rastelli, de Fabiani, Salvadori, Pellegrino) is 2.35,2. 8. Kazakhstan (Poltoranin, Velichko, Pukkala, Volotka) – 3.31,4.

* champion (champion) ZOE-2014.

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