Olympics 2018: Bruno summed Alain

Environment. Pyeongchang-gun. Aliona SAVCHENKO and Bruno MASSO. Photo: Reuters

Amazing in its content and the drama happened a short program pairs.

Here and personal tragedies, and biased refereeing, and a great performance leaders. Two pairs of rolled on a different level than everyone else, and the difference between the contenders for gold are minimal.

Before the start of the doubles tournament everyone was talking about the fact that the three medals claimed four pairs, representing Germany, China, Canada and the United Arab Republic. After the short program, nothing has changed, but became more and more apparent contenders for the gold and bronze.

World Champions Vantin sui and Han Cong were in the penultimate warm-up. Came out, did everything perfectly and got a record amount of points. European Champions Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov actually rolled last and got a record amount of points. And he surpassed his record set in the team tournament in Pyeongchang.

Both pairs really played well. If you take a baseline assessment of the program, then the Chinese people, it is higher by 0.5 points. It is just the difference in the cost of emissions: the Chinese triple flip, Olympic athletes – triple loop. And the final advantage of the Chinese was 0.71 points. The difference in cost release plus a slight edge on components. Plus from the judges and they both got a maximum. Now everything will be free program and the quality of its performance.

Ukrainian Alyona Savchenko has long been in favour of Germany. And many times won the title of world champion in pair with Robin Silk. But the Olympic gold in her career was not. Likely already and will not. For Savchenko, the Olympiad, the fifth, and probably the last.

It came with Frenchman Bruno Mass, which in 3.5 years of middle peasant has turned into a great greenhouse. But partner failed to Alain, which itself was nearly flawless (because touched the ice the second leg during the landing with the release). The weight and jumped a double Salchow instead of a triple, and even on the judgment minus. Only 1.04 points for one of the most expensive items – this is the verdict.

They were even lower Canadians Megan Duhamel and Eric Radford, whose judges are just very much regretted. Duhamel on a triple Lutz release just put the other leg up, and instead of cons they even put a small plus. Maybe just could not see on the replays. Yes, and the parallel triple Lutz was not parallel to the first partner jumped, then jump started partner. With tiny complaint they have received for this hop as much as the Chinese do parallel coat.

Both pairs are lagging behind the leaders well. And very close from the Canadians and the Germans another Duo from China and a couple from France. Yu Xiaoyu and Zhang Hao competed in one of the first workouts. And for a long time remained leaders. Their performance was hard to fault. At the same basic cost that Tarasova and Morozov the Chinese received six points less: and equipment the pros smaller, and components are not as high. Vanessa James and Morgan the Sipr technique second Chinese pair a little lost, but the components played.

Andrew SHETIHIN, sport express

14 Feb. Vapor. Short program. 1. Vantin Sui/Han Cong (China) – 82,39. 2. Tarasova/Morozov (SAR) – 81,68. 3. Duhamel/Radford (Canada) – 76,82. 4. Savchenko/Mass (Germany) – 76,59. 5. Xiaoyu Yu/Zhang Hao (China) – 75,58. 6. James/Sipr (France) – 75,34. 7. Markey/Hotarek (Italy) – 74,50. 8. Subiaco/Enbert (SAR) is 74,35.

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