Olympics 2018: Bitter ice

Pyeongchang-gun. The first and last output Ukrainka Anna HRYCENKO on Olympic ice. Photo: noc-ukr.org

The performance of solo performer Anna Hrycenko drew a line under a succession of failures of the Ukrainian figure skaters at the main start of four years.

Yesterday on the Ice rink in Gangneung skaters joined in the fight for the last medals at the Olympics-2018. Ukraine was not just a stranger to this celebration of life, she once again found itself at the end of the Protocol.

23-year-old Anna Hrycenko from the Dnieper river, occupying the last 29-th place in the short program, were not found at random, which got Top 24 and repeated the path of the skater Yaroslav Panita and dance Duo Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin.

Short program in which Hrycenko got the third starting number, she started with a confident performance of the Axel in two and a half. But then you could say that something went wrong.

But alas, it is not pursued our leading singles throughout the Olympic season. She fell from the second triple toe loop in a cascade, and then made a mistake even on the Lutz, which was already critical in terms of her chances of getting into the coveted Top 24. Although you must give credit to Anna, the person she lost, and Zakatala program in the character she had chosen Spanish music with the mood. What really happened in the soul of our figure skater, became visible only in the area of tears and kisses.

– Do not fully understand why he fell. said in an interview to the press service of the NOC Anna Hrycenko, Apparently, lacked confidence, because this is my first Game. The Olympics are always an exciting event, special competitions, which attracted considerable attention, because psychologically difficult to handle. But despite that, I, like any athlete, you must dicatate to the end, with the mood that I was trying to do. Generally the driving was easy, everyone liked it, except for the hopping part.

In the end, the evaluation 47,59 and gleaning almost ten points to my personal record obraza of the tournament series “Challenger” in Minsk-2017, Chichenkov walked only one party to the ISA Mombekovo from Kazakhstan. In sum, from 30-th place Jaroslav Panita and 21st Nazarova and Nikitin (in the ice dancing in the voluntary program got Top 20) it was the worst performance of Ukrainian figure skaters at the Winter Olympics.

While their former teammates felt on the ice Cannine much more confident. A native of Kiev, Oleksiy Bychenko, February 5 was the 30th anniversary was the 11th, speaking for Israel, a graduate of the Kharkov school of ice dancing Maxim Spodarev took 14th place with his Polish girlfriend Natalia of Kaliszki, his countrywoman Alisa Agafonova became 19th with Alper Udarom under the flag of Turkey. Except that a native of the Dnieper Adel Tankova in a duet with Ronald Silberberg succeeded less (24-e a place), but unlike our athletes, she participated in team tournament the national team of Israel. And finally Olympic gold in pair skating brought Germany’s Aliona Savchenko, speaking with Bruno Masso.

One may argue that we have no ice rinks and new Oksana Baiul to grow nowhere, and it’s true, but how then to regard the fact that Ukraine continues to remain in skating as a donor for other countries and very prolific. So maybe not only in terms, but rather in their lack of business, and certainly it is not torn or jumping Panita Hrycenko and the lost levels on steady tracks and twizzler Nazarova and Nikitin. Skaters, for whom the Olympics was the main dream of life, is clearly not such a statement was calculated. For the above listed errors they want only to chide. But what to do with those who are responsible for our “curly” agriculture in the Ministry and the Federation, there is quite another word.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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