Olympics 2018: Biomitsin – be? No way!

Pyeongchang-gun. Olympic torch relay in the streets of the city. Photo: Reuters

Explorer “SE” addressed some security aspects of the Games in Pyeongchang, including in the field of doping.

More than a month are in creative confusion. Like, starts bright holiday – the winter Olympics. And there’s so much innuendo, insults and even international risks that the sports component (the logic – the most important!) is shifted to the side.


However, will begin with the positive. Found on the website day.kyiv.ua interesting stuff. Take the paragraph on the choice: “With the North Korean nuclear threat cannot be managed without negotiation. The games in Pyeongchang can be the best in many years, the chance to start the process.” Say these phrases conditional on the subway, did not attach importance. But it wrote Javier Solana, former NATO Secretary General and EU high representative for security policy in General, Professor of physics and holder of a host of awards, including our – Yaroslav the Wise.

Famous Spaniard calculated starting point sports reconciliation between the two parts of the Korean Peninsula – the world Cup-1991 and table tennis. Then, in the Japanese city of Chiba Prefecture, two ladies from North Korea (Lee bun Hui and Yu sun Bok) won the gold, however, not doubles as stated in the original and in the joint command group with two southern women. Now, as the official website of the Games in 2018, will be 22 participants from North Korea. It is expected that the parade opening their messengers will pass along with the actual Olympic hosts. And security measures taken unprecedented.

…But if such a compromise led to the increase in the number of accredited athletes and is in all respects good, then the anti-doping list considerably by cohort. Most of the readers of “SE” in the course, for which suspended certain percentage of the Russian masters and suspended the authority of the ROC for the period starts in Pyeongchang. It is clear that for the investigation of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) are proven facts of gross violations. Perhaps in the leadership of the IOC realized that it was in some disciplines will affect the attractiveness and competition, however, the “red line” has been crossed to such an extent that it was required either to apply very stringent measures, or the situation gets out of control for a long time.

I also, with your permission, it was fundamentally to figure out how Ukraine should react to the scandal in the camp of the neighbors? And whether to speak on this subject, officially? Well, if you weigh for us the prospects of prize-winning places, the absence of, for example, Russian bobbers Maxim Belugina and Ludmilla Odbcini, skaters Ivan Skobrev, Denis Uskova, Paul Kulizhnikov, figure skater Ksenia Stolbova (she’s speaking in pair skating with Fedor Klimov) or group of players, their disqualification will not affect in any way. After all, the Ukrainians in these programs is not declared.


Nevertheless, the correspondent “SE” was prepared for such a question (and only three) to the National anti-doping Agency of Ukraine. Just say: every time turning on journalistic line there, surprised that our brother perceive like the heroine Larisa Udovichenko – remember, enticing Kolyvanov said: “the Bond or Obligatia?”. I assure you – in their craft and even in professional sport as such, we understand no less than the experts to NADCA in their Palestine. So what I answered?

“These sanctions have virtually no effect in the sense that Ukraine has carried out its support for athletes and teams, and all necessary tests collections, of course, passed. But we consider that test a month ago of indicators does not guarantee tomorrow.” According to the logic, but it’s from a specialist with the rank of Deputy Director of the Center wanted to hear anything specific.

Well, the second aspect – and whether the boys and girls document proving their innocence in terms of pharmacology in February of 2018? Again, a paradox. It seems that the author of these lines hinted at some kind of help with housing. No, not hinted. Although, without such a leaf will not accept neither the passport office nor the tax office. Just three dozen athletes go to very distant land in Asia, where at stake is the prestige of the state and their personal. There must be, sorry for the detective genre, a cover operation?

Therefore, the question No. 3 – who is mandated to protect children from hypothetical provocations? Explanation for the uninitiated: “one does not put a full-time bodyguard. For the athlete and coach is important, first of all, the level of education on the subject, knowledge of procedures, etc. As the saying goes: informed – so protected.” You, my friends, will laugh, but, in my opinion, mentors and doctors in the delegation it is best not to deviate from the trays in the cafe of the Olympic village. Safety net – so that nothing slipped, not slipped. Not kidding!


By the way, what drugs to avoid? I will allow myself a serving of relaxation. A long time ago, my fellow student Alex Shtanko stealthily approached one of those standing at the door of the audience of friends and instead of a greeting, pronounced with a hard look of the ship ensign “Biomitsin – be?”. A moment later, the whole floor was literally shaking from laughter. The point is, at the junction of the 1960-70s, popular and available was the wine of “White mitsne” only 1 RUB 02 kopecks for a bottle. Well, the people drink called “biomitsin”, although this antibiotic, similar in sound, often used by veterinarians….

Mean that Pyeongchang is coming as captious as the control to which you want to be ready. On this account, far more intelligible review gave the honored doctor of Ukraine Yuri Dekhtyar head of the Ukrainian center of sports medicine, pertaining to the Ministry of health. The bottom line: all teams were given a detailed booklet-reminder in accordance with our anti-Doping legislation. Not only is it described all of the procedures of sampling, given a list of prohibited drugs for 2018 and indicates the aspects of the therapeutic use them if necessary. And alertness? It is the opinion of Yuri Petrovich, apparently, must be present. As the responsibility of those who are entrusted with the privilege to start under the flag of Ukraine.

It is unlikely that it should be added. Except that, about understanding the risks when it is too expensive to go 4 or even 8 years, but to fall for a “biomitsin”. I hope that we will avoid. Plus, all the arenas and streets of Pyeongchang will be of peace, where we began our conversation. And as for that tart wine, “WADA’t we zavodite”. The main thing is to have a reason in the form of Olympic medals!

Eugene KARELIAN, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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