Olympics 2018: best on record

Evgeny Medvedev. Photo: Reuters

Two world records in 15 minutes – so passed the short program odinochnits.

Evgenia Medvedeva from the team of the UAR opened the warm-up strongest. And then showed that she came to the Olympics to win.

She skated a short program in Pyeongchang in the team tournament and set a world record – 81,06.

It seemed that to do better will be incredibly difficult. But in the end, Medvedev has outdone itself, and in the technical assessment and evaluation components, and 81,61 – a new world record in the short program.

Another Olympic athlete Alina Sagitova took to the ice immediately after Medvedeva, and after rentals Japanese Satoko Miyahara and Canadians kaitlyn Osmond.

This season, her best result in the short program was at the European championship of 80.27. To stay ahead of Medvedev, Sagitova want to do everything perfectly according to the technique, but also to make the judges believe that her skating is not worse. 82,92 – these points were a record after rolling Sagitova. And now she is the main favorite in the fight for the gold medal.

However, planning early. You need to skate proizvola. Who can intervene in the fight for the medals? Those canadian and Japanese Katusha before Sagitova. Osmond for the short program under the “Milord” of Edith Piaf got 78,87 points. This is her personal record. At the Grand Prix final in Nagoya was 1.8 points less. Caitlin deserved it. Its beautiful setting, has finally been fulfilled as intended by the coach and choreographer.

The fourth is Miyahara. The Japanese skater also did it totally clean and got 75,94 points. Perhaps others will find it difficult to get involved in the fight for the medals.

Of the four previous workouts of the highest scores received a Japanese woman, Kaori Sakamoto. At the end of January in the championship of four continents, she has given her best rentals in the career, setting personal bests in short, arbitrary and the sum of the two programs.

In Pyeongchang Sakamoto skated even better. The Japanese made everything very clean and was the only athlete to the strongest group, which managed to step in assessing the milestone of 70 points. Now her new personal record – 73,18 points.

Considered one of the contenders for the top places canadian Gabriel Dalman made an error while performing a cascade of two triple Tulupov – when landing from the second jump took her to the side, and it ended stepouts and touch ice with hands. Interestingly, in the previous tournaments of the season Gabriel in this cascade was flawless.

Andrew SHETIHIN, Sport-Express

21 Feb. Women. Short program. 1. Sagitova – 82,92. 2. Medvedev (both – Egypt) – 81,61. 3. Osmond (Canada) – 78,87. 4. Miyahara – 75,94. 5. Sakamoto (both – Japan) – 73,18. 6. Costner (Italy) – For 73.15. 7. Dalman (Canada) – 68,90. 8. Choi Is The Pin (Korea) – 67,77… 29. CHICHENKOV (Ukraine) – 47,59.

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