Olympics 2018: As a Ukrainian Olympic champion ahead of

Environment. Pyeongchang-gun. Victor PASICHNYK (№36) breathing down my back Olympic champion in salt lake city Hannah MANNINEN. Photo: noc-ukr.org

The heavenly office, which led yesterday to the transfer of the women’s individual race in the biathlon, brought about changes in the Nordic combined ski competition.

However, the gusts of wind that start jumping delayed by half an hour, did not prevent the main favorites to realise their medal ambitions.

Our only representative in the sport in Pyeongchang Viktor Pasichnyk repeated his best achievement at the Games in Sochi, that is ranked in the Top 30, but could not surpass the best result in the history of the Olympic performances of Ukrainian Nordic combined – 16-Dmitry prosvirnina sample 1994 Lillehammer

For Viktor Pasichnyk jump (and opened the program of the competitions in Nordic combined HS-109) had a strong party was not. In a training attempt, he took off to the Benefit of 81.5 m. during the competitive round he was able to show the best result of 89.5. Even though this is not the limit of possibilities for the 25-year-old athlete from Kremenets, as noted in comments UA Perche ghostrider in Nordic combined and ski jumping, Roman rudnicki. A mistake was made when the repulsion, which is reflected in the phase of flight.

In the end, Pasichnyk scored 84 points, which resulted in a lag of 3 minutes, 6 seconds at the start of the race for 10 km in Alpensia center. However, it is more important to note that the cherished thirty, getting into that is considered quite prestigious for such large forums, it was only twenty seconds. And he is lag compensated on the track, showing there on the net course of the 13-th result(!) Closing the Top 30, Victor repeated his best Olympic achievement sample Sochi-2014. However, then it was set on a large hill, which the Ukrainian doeberitz prefer and awards which will still be played in Pyeongchang.

The jump then sort of stressed in comments to the press service of the NOC and the channel UA Perche Viktor Pasichnyk– In its profile differs from those on kotoryh we are in Europe. Although you can get used. Of course, the wind is the biggest competitor, the direction changes all the time, have to wait. Today jump I got eighty percent, it was better. But I am pleased that in the race I managed to get to thirty. Now waiting for the competitions on the large hill and there is hope to improve your score.

Interestingly, up until the eighth kilometer of the ward Nikolai Kozlov could see the back of one Olympic champion (salt lake city 2002), Finn Hannu Manninen (in the end he still ran away to 23rd place), and have to finish the back of him saw the other Olympic champion (Vancouver 2010), the Frenchman Jason Lamy-Chapuis, who started 19th, but in the end became the 31st.

Note that the star in the past combinators returned to the sport in the literal sense of the word from heaven, in life, having mastered the profession of a pilot. In Pyeongchang their main goal to help their teams in the relay.

As for the medal showdown, then jump with a jump of 112 metres was won by Franz-Josef Röhrl. Sensation it did not become, as 24-year-old Austrian and the world Cup has been at the top after the first part of the competition. Now, if he managed to stay on the podium, that would be amazing, but the miracle did not happen. He held on to the equator of the race and then handed over leadership powers to Eric Frenzel.

29-year-old German, who was quite modest in their results in the Olympic season and went to the main start of four years at unusually low eighth place in the overall standings of the world Cup, gave a good and confident leap, at eight meters a penny flying To-point (106,5). And of course he never had no problems: five kilometers to the German doeberitz was enough to “eat” a 36-second gap from Röhrl. Another 2.5 miles it held to the company with the Austrian Lucas Clipfrom (fourth after the jump, +32 sec.), Magnus Ribera from Norway (second +15 sec.) and Japanese Akito Watabe (third, 28 sec.). And only the latter was able to continue to sit behind Frenzel.

However, finishing the acceleration the Germans never distinguished explosive speed samurai (otherwise you will not name the athlete who managed first in the Olympic season, the world Cup in Hand to win with damage to edges) to pick up could not. He finished using 4,8 seconds after Frenzel.

Thus, the two turned out exactly the same as four years ago in Sochi. I changed only the owner of bronze: then it was the Norwegian Magnus Krog, now Lucas Klapfer from Austria.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

14 Feb. Race Gundersen (98/10 km). 1. Frenzel* (Germany) – 24.51,4 (5-e a place in the jump/6-th result in the race). 2. A. Watabe (Japan) – lag 4,8 (3/9). 3. Klapper (Austria) – 18.1 Per (4/11). 4. RIBER (Norway) – 22,5 (2/23). 5. Rydzek (Germany) And 27.9 (11/3). 6. Hirvonen (Finland) – 51,6 (6/19). 7. Centre (Germany) – 1.05,3 (16/4). 8. Harala (Finland) – 1.05,5 (17/2)… 30. PASICHNYK (Ukraine) – 2.54,7 (36/13).

* champion ZOE-2014.

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