Olympics 2018: Application Smehovoj to the finals

Yesterday. Pyeongchang-gun. Elena SHAHOVA. Photo: Reuters

Yesterday on the Olympic Luge track “Alpensia” the first two races had lived for thirty representatives of the fair half.

These slopes us, it is possible to say, delighted 24-year-old from Lvov Elena Shahova, both times finishing 19th. And she keeps good chances in the first three races to be among the twenty participants, who will be playing in the fourth final.

But her compatriot and namesake Smehovoj, a year younger Stetskiv, unfortunately, in the first descent made a lot of mistakes and finished the race on the last 30th position. The second race for her, too, failed, then her place – 29-e it takes and the amount of time the two slopes, we can say having lost the ability to become a finalist.

It is interesting to note that Shumova in both runs bad passed the starting period, at which time it was only 29-30-m. But then, increasing the speed, adjusted it accordingly to 115.5 and 121,7 km/h. Stetskiv also on the first intermediate segment was the 19th and 21st. But her finishing speed was only and 103,3 107,5 km/h.

As expected, the lead after the two slopes captured the Olympic champion and Sochi 2014, three-time world gold medallist and head of the overall standings of the world Cup-2017/18 German Natalie Geisenberger. It was the first race won, and the second was the third. The second position that is also natural, is a silver medalist of the previous Games and reaching behind Geisenberger in Cup battles her compatriot Diana, Eichberger. And the third row is the canadian Alex Gough.

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

12 Feb. Women. The 1st and 2nd rounds. 1. Geisenberger* – 1.32,454 (46,245 + 46,205). 2. Of Eichberger (both from Germany) – 1.32,574 (46,381 + 46,193). 3. GAF (Canada) – 1.32,645 (46,317 + 46,328). 4. Hufner (Germany) – 1.32,661 (46,322 + 46,339). 5. Hamlin (USA) – 1.32,690 (46,357 + 46,333). 6. Macra (Canada) – 1.32,788 (46,339 + 46,449). 7. Frisch (Korea) – 1.32,806 (46,350 + 46,456). 8. SiRNA (Latvia) – 1.32,880 (46,471 + 46,409)… 19. SHUMOVA – 1.33,794 (46,950 + 46,844)… 29. STECKIW (both – Ukraine) – 1.38,902 (50,599 + 48,303).

* champion ZOE-2014.

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