Olympics 2018: And here go down the slope

Marina ANTSIBOR. Photo: noc-ukr.org

The next start of the racing programs Games hardly promised positive emotions to fans of the Ukrainian team.

Yes, the Marina Antsibor and Tatiana Antipenko experience serious tournaments not to take. Just in Pyeongchang they have not been able to catch a wave, I mean the track, good luck.

Of course, to compare yesterday’s individual 10-kilometrovki with the Tuesday sprint is incorrect by definition. But if you take the final lines of the protocols in our Thursday looked a little more serious. Marina took 46th place (then – 56-e), and Tanya now 52-e (in the perimeter of 1.25 km was the 54th). You know, with how many participants? Already – 90!

Why is everyone so all in all, sad? This question the correspondent “SE” was asked before a number of our specialists, but they politely refrained – it is necessary, they say, know the situation inside, and when you’re away from the team, it is difficult to draw conclusions and especially to advise.

However, I was prompted to look into the protocols of the world winter gymnasiade in Grenoble. Ukrainian students held closely to a dozen of the strongest, and the pupil of SPORTS school “Bars” of Shostka in Sumy region, Anastasia Kompaniets, together with the French partner was the fifth in the mixed relay in the younger group. Incidentally, they were in the lead, and if not for breaking a ski pole Nastia…

Portion of optimism? Probably, though more likely tomorrow-the day after tomorrow. To think that someone from the Grenoble company 17-18-year-old (a senior level) is ripe to join the ranks of the adult company for the Games in 2018, is also doubtful. Another issue is that these gifted women need to invest on an ongoing basis, and candidates in the staffing of even start to invest trust money within six months after the previous Olympics. We waited for the case where generation of “two And” was not capable of change. And then, frankly, should Express respect and Mrs Antsibor and Kateryna Serdyuk, recently returned to new mothers.

With regard to fresh ladies ‘ race “skate” in Pyeongchang, on the podium went up not three, but four chosen of Fortune. Silver produced the winner of the skiathlon people Charlotte Calla, and a bronze award for brand with the same time got the famous Marit bjoergen of Norway and the Finnish athlete Krista Pharmacoki that previously referred to the discipline finished respectively second and third. If Marit, in fact, six-time Olympic champion, her compatriot Ragnhild Haga won the first gold. The lead over Cal was 20.3 seconds, and over the other winners were 31.9. Notice that those who “exchanged” 28 minutes, was – 37. In this position approached canadian, Daria Beatty. Well, Marina Antsibor as it came into a pool of 48 skiers, who lost the gold result Ragnhild less than three and a half minutes.

…Here, we report about the skiers not to travel the full route, about our masters cross-country from the forties in the ranking. Perhaps there is a feeling that they, like the slope down. But maybe their usual, for plain speed somewhere around the corner?

Eugene KARELIAN, Sport-Express in Ukraine

15 Feb. Individual 10 km (C). 1. Haga (Norway) – 25.00,5. 2. Kalla (Sweden) – backlog of 20.3. 3. Bjoergen (Norway), Pharmacoki (Finland) Is 31.9. 5. Diggins (USA) is 35.2. 6. Von Siebenthal (Switzerland) – 49,8. 7. Ostberg (Norway) – 1.05,5. 8. Sedov (SAR) – 1.07,3… 46. ANZIBAR – 3.18,2… 52. ANTIPENKO (both – Ukraine) – 3.37,7.

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