Olympics 2018: Abramenko brought Ukraine first gold medal

Alexander Abramenko. Photo: Reuters

Ukrainian freestyle skier Alexander Abramenko won the gold medal in the competitions in acrobatics at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Ukraine has received its first medal at the Games in 2018!

Silver Chinese Jia of Tsunan.

Russian freestyle skier Ilya Burov won the bronze medal.


Pyeongchang (Korea)

XXIII Olympic winter games



The final 3

1. Alexander Abramenko (Ukraine) – 128,51

2. Jia Zongyang (China) – 128,05

3. Ilya Burov (Russia) – 122,17

4. Pavel Krotov (Russia) – 103,17

5. Olivier Rochon (Canada) – 98,11

6. Stanislav Gladchenko (Belarus) – 92,61.

Sport-Express in Ukraine

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