Olympics 2018: a Year ago he almost died, and now took the medal

Sunday. Pyeongchang-gun. Mark MACMORRIS.Photo: Reuters

Canadian mark McMorris year ago crashed into a tree and fell into a coma. Just 11 months later he went to Pyeongchang Olympic track and won a bronze medal of the Games in the discipline of slopestyle.


from Pyeongchang

In March 2017 mark Macmorris two days was in a coma and was on the verge of death. Just 11 months later, in February 2018, he poses with the Olympic award. The story of life that is better than any Hollywood fairy tale.

Mark Macmorris – known in snowboard coterie character. A little hipster, a lover of sunglasses and funny hats. At 24 he twice managed to win the X-Games in snowboarding are valued less than the Olympics, and even with a record in the history of the competition the total points.

At the Games-2014 to 20-year-old debutant took the bronze medal in the slopestyle, which in itself is very cool. Then spoke Macmorris with a broken rib. Three of his attempts in those Games, two he fell. Can you imagine the feeling of crashing from a height of several meters into the snow with a broken rib? But Macmorris gathered, brilliantly played his third attempt and eventually took the bronze.

– I realized my dream, – said the canadian. The last few weeks have been a continuous adventure. It’s fantastic that I managed to climb the podium.

Slopestyle and big air, which acts as Macmorris perhaps the most extreme in the Olympic program. Rib fracture is very nearly the lightest injury that you can get. But even by that measure, the incident with the canadian in March last year has become a nightmare.

Then Macmorris along with his brother Craig, also a snowboarder, filmed the video about skating over the snow. It was in their hometown of Whistler, not far from the Olympic venues of the 2010 Games in Vancouver.

– Periodically, from the mountains descended the fog, and mark in the execution of the trick took too risky trajectory, – told later by Craig. On landing he at full speed crashed into a tree across the left half of the body.

Friends knew immediately that it was serious. But in the wild mountains had no one: no other people, no cars, no lifeguards. Craig begged his brother not to lose consciousness so he at least was sure that he dies right in his arms. Companions managed to descend and call for a helicopter. McMorris passed out as soon as physicians began to ship it on Board. The next two days he was in a coma.

In that moment, I was almost certain that they will die – says the canadian.

The diagnosis of Macmorris put him in the hospital, takes a few lines. Here are excerpts: a broken jaw, fractured left arm, a ruptured spleen, pneumothorax (collapse of the left lung), a broken pelvis, multiple broken ribs, internal bleeding…

The canadian suffered several complex operations. The doctors predicted that to spend in a hospital bed he will have, at best, a few months. But two weeks later, Macmorris was discharged from the hospital.

– This miracle! I don’t understand how it happened, but he heals before our eyes, ‘ said the doctor.

For a wonderful rate of healing of Macmorris called to canadian national team werewolf (after the characters from the series of novels “Twilight”, which quickly heal any wounds). Just a few weeks after leaving the hospital he started trying to walk. After six months stood on a snowboard.

– At first I was afraid to die. Then never get on Board. And don’t even know what scared me more – recognized canadian.

His bronze at the Games in Pyeongchang has absolutely no sensation. Back in November, Macmorris managed to win the world Cup, a month ago, took bronze at the next X Games. In Korea he was more close to complete triumph, than offensive to the fourth place. From Olympic champion Macmorris separated in the end, 1.96 points. For slopestyle – it is minuscule, much like fractions of a second in skiing or biathlon.

But of course mark wasn’t upset. And not even because of any medal in his circumstances – a feat. He just in a rush to snowboard, regardless of the outcome. And life gave him a chance to get on Board again. One in a million chance…

Canadians love stories, like Macmorris. The next day after he won a medal in Pyeongchang, they staged a press conference convened a room full of local journalists. But mark clearly didn’t want to remember the tragic events of his life. He blushed and was embarrassed, it was as if there was a two-time winner of the Olympic games, the main star of his team. Macmorris – obviously not fans of PR. The more significant his every word.

– I think my story is a story about motivation, ‘ said McMorris. When I was in the hospital and thought I would die, I was motivated by my family and friends. I thought about them and realized that they didn’t have to give up. I then wrote a lot of people. Thoughts that I so strongly believe in, gave them strength. If now in turn I can inspire someone else – I’ll be happy.

– What was your biggest challenge in the rehabilitation process?

– Need to lie down and do nothing. I am an active guy and used to be always in motion. And then, it so happened that for months before the accident I broke my hip and couldn’t train. I spent a lot of time without a snowboard, it was difficult. But when I came back, I felt this unreal joy! All my efforts, all the work in the gym definitely was worth it.

– Did you expect that after all these years will be able once again to climb the podium of the Olympic games?

– Of course, at first it was hard to imagine. But gradually I began to return to the sport and wondered if I can withstand the pressure. I went step by step and tried not to think about the Games too often. It’s a great feeling – to get a medal! Real miracle.

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