Olympics 2018: a goof and a loser

Felix LOCH. Photo: Reuters

Not all left happy Pyeongchang. In any event, there are athletes, who before the start had pinned a lot of hope, but who for various reasons made poorly.

As, for example, the Ukrainian team in biathlon. To call them losers is wrong, because each of these guys and girls worked hard, no less than those who earned more.

The great German Luger Felix Loch, who won in Vancouver and Sochi, was very close to victory in Pyeongchang. He was leading after three attempts, but a horrendous mistake in the fourth left him not only without gold, but without a medal in the Loch were only five. After the finish, Felix broke into tears on the shoulder of his father. For the world Luge his failure was a real shock.


From Alexey Poltoranina of Kazakhstan in Pyeongchang waited for the medals in a classic ski marathon. But he could not stand the terrible strain of the race and eventually became the only 15-m. frustrated by the fact that this marathon he was deliberately preparing for four years, and the race did not happen. Estonian Mati Alaver, who trained Poltoranina, and promised to return employers your salary.

Cross-country skier Heidi Weng came in Pyeongchang absolute first number of the national team of Norway, leader of the General standings of the world Cup, the winner of the race “Tour de Ski”, a contender for several Olympic medals. But in the end – none. Weng did not even came to a victorious relay as the coaching staff of the Norwegian couldn’t risk the final result. It’s just “epic fail”.


The most hyped skier in the world last decade, American Lindsey Vonn missed the Sochi Olympics due to injury. But in Pyeongchang took only one bronze in the downhill crown. Vonn after the Games said that he was proud of this medal, but Lindsay went in Pyeongchang-gun is clearly not behind this. Career she continues to attempt to beat the record of the legendary Ingemar Stenmark number of victories on the world Cup.


There are losers and in the short track. So, the Olympic history of the canadian Charles Hamelin probably ended. In Pyeongchang the triple Olympic champion had only won a bronze medal in the relay team. To approach the records of Viktor Ahn had not happened.

And the current world champion in the all-around Briton Elise Christie came for the first Olympic medal in his career. But nothing happened, nothing. At a distance of 500 m it is due to the fall remained fourth at 1500 meters was disqualified and received a right ankle injury, and 1000 m fell in the first turn, after which the judges took the decision to remove her from the race as the culprit of the blockage. In Sochi Kristi was also considered a contender for medals but did not win anything.


‘Chinese Xun, Mentao was considered one of the main contenders for victory in acrobatics. In Vancore young Xu Mentao not got to number of prize-winners. In Sochi was second behind only the singer Anna Tsuper. In Pyeongchang went with the most difficult jumps, but did not even make it to the final. However, she is still young enough to play four years at the games.

21-year-old Swede Sandra Neslund went in Pyeongchang undisputed favorite in ski cross. It is clear that in the discipline of freestyle something difficult to make, because the random factor is quite noticeable. But not in the case of Naslund! She just tore the pack for almost two years. In the current season in any startup not finished below third place. And Pentane took the offensive fourth line


Collection of the Latvian skeleton Martins Dukurs , the Olympic gold and not replenished. Two-time silver medalist at the Games in Vancouver and Sochi to Pyeongchang remained without medals. For the whole family Dukurs and their fans is a huge disappointment. Martins for 33 years, and not the fact that by the next Olympics he will be able to perform at the same high level.


For the first time in the history of the Olympics (if not to take mixed doubles) team Canada Curling are unable to win any medals nor in men nor in women. This is a historic event. Well canadian hockey players, even in the current lineup could play in the finals, not in the bronze medal match.

Andrew SHETIHIN, Sport-Express

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