Oligarchic revanchism: the budget 2018 will enrich billionaires

The government takes from the pockets of Ukrainians the billions and increasing bureaucracy, building a police state, hiding the brash corruption in a military secret, and robs communities.
So, almost 5, 6 billion UAH in 2018, will receive the Verkhovna Rada, the State administration of Affairs and Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers. And this is 50% more than in 2017.
“We have increased spending on the maintenance of bureaucracy twice! Subject to increase the economy by 2% for all the costs of the state apparatus must also increase, but not more than economic growth, i.e. 2%,” – said the MP from the faction of “Association “Samopomich” Victoria Voitsitska.
In addition, the Prosecutor General’s office will receive nearly $ 1 billion more than last year. The Ministry of internal Affairs – in fact, more than 13 billion. Together, these bodies provided more than 70 billion hryvnia. And that’s more than the military budget of Ukraine-2018.
MIA Ukrainians require a budget comparable to the budget of the Ministry of defence. That is, we actually are building in the country at the expense of people’s money a police state, which is afraid not so much in the middle of the enemy, as far as her internal enemy, considering the Ukrainians actually like his threat – said Wojcicki.
And how will all spent 83 billion budget of the Ministry of defense is unknown, because it is in the future a state secret.
We will require not only transparent financing but we will demand the implementation of the system of civilian control, the parliamentary control over defence expenditure, – assured the head of the parliamentary faction of “Association “Samopomich” Oleg Berezyuk.
Also, the community must pay to the state budget is not 50%, and 80% of the tax to incomes of physical persons that exceed the norm.
“This is the main tax that goes to local budget. This payroll tax, have average per capita. And those cities where the best growth, where more leaves per capita, 50% must give the state from the excess. there was a proposal: let’s give 50% and 80%. Listen, it’s not fair. Because if I want to attract more investment, I will invest more in infrastructure. And you’re telling me, give everything, and then think to yourself how you will live. Approach should be: who works better, and has more”, – said the leader of the political force “Association “Samopomich” Andriy Sadovyi.
How the government robs communities of income, adds costs and increases manual control – see in the program.


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