Olga: “for the First time in many years, I have never in six stages not sick”

Dorothea Wierer / biathlon.com.ua

The leader of the overall world Cup Italian Dorothea Wierer said the reason for his success this season:

“Honestly, this winter I have been very fortunate: it has been almost six stages of the world Cup, and for the first time in many years I never got sick during this period.

In the previous seasons by the end of January I managed to recover three or four times, and this winter cold bypassed my side. I really hope that will not bring health to the end of the season.

Plans for the future? I’m so tired, just no energy to think about anything, especially about the Olympic games in Beijing, which is the whole Olympic cycle.”

Recall that the Wearer won the pursuit race in Antholz and said that for the first time in his career won the pursuit.

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