Oleg Lyashko says that the President will be responsible to the people for the state of Affairs in the country


In this election had a record number of presidential candidates. The whole country to the small towns and villages “laskovye” toured one of them – Oleg Lyashko. In recent years, in politics it was called the “people’s President” because he knows first hand, the people live.

Has a clear vision of what needs to be done to change life for the better.

The first decision Lyashko-the President will cancel the increase in gas prices. Forced officials of Naftogaz to return to the state budget issued their billions in bonuses.

– This money will go to people, – says Oleg Lyashko.

The second step is to restore order.

– I initiate changes to the Constitution to reduce the number of MPs to 250, and the elimination of the position of Prime Minister of Ukraine on the American model of management. The President will be responsible to the people for the state of Affairs in the country. After reviewing the budget drastically raise the salaries of teachers, doctors, social workers. Blocked the smuggling scheme at customs. Will reduce a large number of officials. The minimum salary is 9 thousand hryvnias, and pension – 4 thousand – promises.

Oleg Lyashko initiated changes to the Constitution that would forever guarantee the Ukrainian land to the peasants and farmers. The court has already approved these changes. Will now seek a final vote of the Parliament that the land is not sold to foreigners. 5 thousand UAH of subsidies for each cow, preferential loans, payment of half the cost of the agricultural machinery and special regime of VAT returns – will ensure the development of the Ukrainian village.

Try to keep young people in Ukraine. Offers loans for housing for every young family – under 2%.

Young professionals need to guarantee the first working place, and their employers exempt from tax. The politician registered a draft law on the allocation of 5 billion UAH for housing for young people, and for people with disabilities. Demands to increase the payment at birth to 400 thousand UAH.

Affordable medicine and quality medicine is also a priority. Promises health insurance to all poor and financed from the budget treatment of severe diseases. Caring for relatives with disabilities offers to pay the minimum wage and to enroll in work experience.

Real reform of medicine is the medical insurance. Due to the state budget for pensioners, children and the poor, by employers for people who work. This extension of the program “Affordable medicine” to restore state control of drug prices that limit the profitability and strengthening of responsibility for sale of counterfeit. Real healthcare reform is the return to the village paramedic, and physician to the city, new equipment and repairs of medical facilities, not close them, – said Oleg Lyashko.


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