“Oklanderlig” listed in TOP 20 major projects 2019

Largest size of land Bank of Ukrainian agricultural holding “UKRINFORM” (Ukrlandfarming) businessman Oleg Bakhmatyuk noted in the rating the most important investment projects this year.


Group of companies marked as investor projects, which is important for increasing the potential of Ukraine and creation of new jobs.

“The money power” has presented the top 20 key investment projects for implementation of 2019, implemented in Ukraine. In selecting companies, the main criterion was the implementation of a large-scale investment and significant investment plans in 2019. Taking into account not only the volume of planned investment, but also the importance of these projects to enhance the economic and technological potential of Ukraine, the creation of new jobs in the company and in the companies-suppliers.

The company commented on the high assessment of the performance of their investment: “We continue the process of transformation of business to hold a dominant position in the market. This also applies to the structure of the group companies, and improvement of our production cycle, – the head and owner of the group “UKRINFORM” Oleg bakhmatyuk . – The strategy is unchanged – to maintain the position of market leader to effectively manage and get 8-10% higher yields of grain per hectare of land. We will also expand markets for eggs and restore the leadership position global supplier of eggs.”

This task will help getting agro holding Avangard (AVANGARDCO IPL) of the certificate of conformity of the eggs of the standard “Halal”. We are talking about properly cooked and grown feed for chickens, corresponding to the Shariah – these requirements are important for people professing Islam. Now and egg products, and eggs, which Avangard exports to countries in the Islamic world, meet the standard of “Halal”, which is a sign of high quality products.

In addition, according to Oleg Bakhmatyuk, in 2019, the group intends to increase the capacity of the elevators and more use of opportunities offered by precision agriculture. “We will practice innovations for even more land,” – said the head of “UKRINFORM”.

In February 2019, launched a new line for the production of soybean oil and soybean meal in the LLC “SP” of the Spring 21 “(Khmelnytsky region), part of the group” UKRINFORM “and is a major supplier of feed for chickens of the poultry farms of the agricultural holding Avangard(AVANGARDCO IPL ). Previously, the company bought on the market of soybean oil and soybean meal, which are ingredients for animal food, and with the launch of the new line, the plant will be able to produce their own raw materials.

Also, the group “UKRINFORM” the beginning of the strategic reorganisation of the pig farm “Dnipro” (Dnepropetrovsk region), which annually produces up to 3.5 thousand tonnes of high quality meat.

In addition, the “UKRINFORM” increasing the herd of cattle. This Group uses the latest technologies and working on improving genetics of the herd. Today “Oklanderlig” grows large the number of cattle in Ukraine: meat production – 6.2 thousand heads, milk – about 37,5 thousand heads.

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